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Entry for March 23,2006

Entry for March 23, 2006
Just got back from Dr and Caitlin is not a happy camper :(, She is unconfortable so I just gave her some tylanol to help calm her down a little. She was starving to top it off because she had not ate since 8 this morning. I tried to get her to eat a little at 10 but she said she was to tired , then right after her surgery but she was mad so she said no way MoM, Finally got her to eat right now and boy was she hungry. She has been crying alot , it is actually the first time I have heard her really wail. We have a re -check in about 2 weeks and we will see how the outcome is, whether or not we will need more laser or if she did really well. ok crying baby getting mad!!

Entry for March 22,2006

Entry for March 22, 2006
Peditrician appt today and can you believe Caitlin gained 4 more ounces just in 2 days!!! She is now 4lbs8oz and she even grew 1/2 an inch She did really well, she had another shot today for some of her immunizations and she cried just for a second, she did so good. She got put on reglan , that is to help empty her tummy faster I have to give it to her 15 mins before she eats and then another medicine that is just like zantac for her spitting up so it doesnt hurt her. Dillon was on thses meds as well when he was small because Dillon had reflux when he was a baby also. I guess I can say that Dillon prepared me for Caitlin as far as that goes. She has her laser surgery tomorrow so remember to pray pray pray!! She is knocked out right now cause I just gave her a bath mmmmmmmmm she smells so yummy. Bought a freezer today as well so I have more room for my milk plus food lol Daddy says we didn't need it but that is why god made mommies because we always know whats bestlol My freezer is getting full and that is just with milk not even counting the food so I think it was time lol
Well off to do some chores and get Caitlin's feed ready then its beddy time!!!!

Entry for March 21,2006

Entry for March 21, 2006
Went to Caitlin's eye dr today and she has stage 3 of ROP ,She is going to have laser surgery on Thursday so please pray it goes well. She has been such a good girl today and once again daddy has not let her go lol. We have her peditrician apt tomorrow so we will see how her weight is. Today I ended up waiting in the lobby for Caitlin's apt because there were alot of people in the actual office and so many people asked to see her and I said no to everyone. I felt so rude but hey I have to protect my baby from germs!!! It was funny to see some of the reactions to my awnser but I wasn't there to please them. lol . Well here is a bigt explantion of ROP again.
Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP) causes a disease of the retina. It affects prematurely born babies. It consists of abnormal retinal vessels that grow mostly in an area where normal vessels have not yet grown in the retina (Fig. 20). ROP is divided into stages 1 to 5. Stages 1 and 2 do not usually require treatment. Some babies who have develop stage 3 ROP require treatment. The treatment is usually performed either by laser or cryotherapy (freezing). Laser is more commonly used now than cryotherapy because of various advances in the laser treatment. The ROP in stage 3 that requires treatment is generally called threshold disease. The majority (95%) of the babies who require laser or cryotherapy develop threshold disease between 32 and 42 weeks after conception. The post-conceptional age is calculated from the presumed day of conception.
The area of the retina affected by ROP is divided into three zones (Fig. 21). Zone 1 is the most centrally located, and ROP develops in this zone if the retina in this area is most underdeveloped. Disease in zone 1 is more severe compared with disease limited to zones 2 or 3. Timing is one of the important factors that make the treatment successful in ROP, because the disease can advance very quickly and delayed treatment often reduces the chances of success. The rapidly progressing ROP is called Rush disease, and it is usually associated with very extensive or aggressive growth of abnormal blood vessels. Abnormal dilatation of retinal veins with florid abnormal new vessels is called Plus disease.
Zone 1 is the most posterior retina, that contains the optic nerve and the macula (zone of acute vision). Zone 2 is the intermediate zone where blood vessels often stop in ROP. Zone 3 is the peripheral zone of the retina, where vessels are absent in ROP, but present in normal eyes.
The treatment’s goal is to destroy the retina that is deprived of retinal vessels. This helps to shrink the new vessels and prevents the formation of dense scars that usually follow. The dense scars cause traction on the retina. The result is distortion of the normal orientation of the retina and impairment of vision. In other cases, the retina detaches from the wall of the eye. The treatment extinguishes the "fire" of growing abnormal vessels in the eye, ultimately preventing the retina from detaching or from being severely distorted. Retinal detachment is the main cause of total blindness in ROP. Contrary to what happens in adults, retinal detachment in premature babies is generally caused by the traction of scar tissue on the retinal periphery. Small breaks in the peripheral retina are relatively rare in ROP, and a macular break is exceptional in this type of case. Though many babies have been saved from blindness. Though many babies have been saved from blindness by laser or cryotherapy the treatment is not always successful. ROP in some babies continues to progress to stage 4, (partial retinal detachment) and stage 5, (total retinal detachment).
Retinal Detachment In ROP
Retinal detachment is a serious consequence of stages 4 and 5 ROP. The scar produced by abnormal vessels inside the eye is the usual cause. The scar pulls the retina away from the wall of the eye. This scarring is not the result of laser or cryotherapy.
Stage 4 ROP causes partial retinal detachment. At this stage, the retina may sometimes reattach spontaneously. Retinal detachment which is unlikely to regress requires treatment. Treatment modalities are cryopexy for shallow retinal detachment, or scleral buckling for more advanced cases. The latter consists of using a silicone belt around the globe. In other cases, a vitrectomy operation is indicated. Stage 4 may progress quickly in some babies and its treatment has frequently been unsuccessful leading to stage 5 ROP.
Stage 5 ROP shows a total retinal detachment and is the end stage of the disease. In its most severe form, stage 5 shows a dense white membrane or scar behind the lens of the eye (Fig. 22). The detached retina is adherent to this scar tissue. The condition was previously called retrolental fibroplasia or RLF, because the scar is white and visible through the pupil, the condition is sometimes called leukocoria or white pupil. Spontaneous reattachment of the retina rarely happens in stage 5 ROP. If the eye is left alone at this stage, the baby becomes permanently and often totally blind in both eyes. In addition, some babies develop high intraocular pressure, causing glaucoma. Others develop problems leading to clouding of the cornea (front part of the eye).
From the late 70’s through the early 80’s, the clinical scientists headed by Dr. Charles Schepens developed a new surgical technique called open-sky vitrectomy to treat severe retinal detachment in general. The open-sky vitrectomy turned out to be quite effective in the most severe type of ROP, namely stage 5. Experience has shown that this condition cannot be treated successfully by any other method of surgery. Using this technique, Dr. Tatsuo Hirose has operated upon more than 1200 cases of advanced stage 5 ROP, many of which had been considered hopeless elsewhere. The results are encouraging. They vary depending upon the condition of the eye, the patient’s age, and other factors. Poor postoperative vision, in patients affected by advanced stage 5 ROP, is mainly due to the fact that the retina of those patients is incompletely developed.
The baby with stage 5 ROP who recovered some sight post operatively enters the world of the seeing from a world of the totally blind. This world is totally new to the baby, in spite of his incomplete visual recovery. Although the baby may only perceive vaguely the form and color of objects he/she is quick to exploit this partial ability with remarkable benefit.
Observation. Linda (not her real name) was a premature baby aged 6 months when she came from a central European country for treatment. She suffered from a total retinal detachment in both eyes, with a bilateral white pupil. After an open-sky operation in the most promising eye, she recovered 20/600 vision. At age seven, she learned to ride a bicycle and never had an accident in spite of her markedly diminished vision. Her continued progress required constant care by the parents postoperatively. The reason is that the child’s recovering retina has the ability to improve further, after a successful operation. With training, such babies often learn to distinguish several colors.
This case illustrates that babies who never had vision, like those affected by advanced stage 5 ROP, become able to exploit their incomplete postoperative visual recovery with astonishing agility. They are able to navigate between obstacles much better than would adults with the same diminished vision. The anatomical reattachment of the retina after open-sky vitrectomy, in the advanced stage 5 ROP, is 40%. Prior to the use of the open-sky operation, it was not above 6%. The best-corrected visual acuity measured by special procedures in children who had a white pupil, after open-sky vitrectomy, is 20/200. A majority of patients developed vision of less than 20/200, but this ambulatory vision was sufficient for them to navigate and recognize large objects. A small percentage of babies operated upon never developed useful vision, even after the retina had been completely reattached.
The optimal age for open-sky vitrectomy, in infants with advanced stage 5 ROP, is usually between 6 months and 1 year. There are some exceptions. Babies whose ROP is inactive, completely “dry,” without any neovascularization, may be operated upon before they reach six months of age. However, it is difficult to judge whether or not the ROP is inactive in an eye whose retina is not visible. In patients with advanced stage 5 ROP and whose intraocular abnormal blood vessels are not extensive, a less invasive operation such as a scleral buckling procedure, or a closed vitrectomy may be tried, even though the baby is less than 6 months of age. Babies whose eyes show massive subretinal hemorrhage, demonstrated by ultrasound, and babies with severe general physical abnormalities such as marked brain damage will not benefit from any type of eye surgery. However, many babies are abandoned simply because they have developed an advanced stage 5 ROP, in spite of the fact that open-sky vitrectomy still holds the hope they may see. The following examples are cases in which the open-sky vitrectomy was helpful in developing vision in babies with advanced stage 5 ROP.

Entry for March 20,2006

Entry for March 20, 2006
Tired Tired Tired!!!!! Boy are we tired lol but loving every moment of Caitlin being home. She is a pretty good baby doesn't fuss much but has been spitting up here and there so I am thinking about asking her ped about zantac on wed at her appt. She is starting to get use to being held all the time because Daddy will not let go of her lol. Tomorrow we have her eye appt and it will be our first oputing out of the house since we have been home.
A home nurse came today and gave her a good check up. She has a little case of ademia, just because she has a little swelling in her feet but the nurse said she was not to worried about it, just to bring it up at her ped apt. Other then that she was impressed how well she look s and is doing. She weighs 4lb4oz today also so she has been busy putting on weight since being home!!! Also she is a wopping 16 inches now!!! She had a little growth spurt!!!!!4 inches more then when she was born. She was just 12 inches when she was born the size of a ruler, pretty crazy huh. Well just wanted to post real quick but off to attend to my little angel again.

Caitlin and Big brother Dillon

Caitlin thinks brother is funny;)

Big Kiss from Big Brother!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Dr. Hanam (sp?) with Caitlin
This Dr was her for Caitlin's birth as well as Madilyns birth. His favorite word is arighty then lol.

Caitlin in her car seat , what a little peanut

Caitlin on her changing table, look how little she looks lol


Caitlin in her bouncer

Nurse Diana and Caitlin

Nurse Maura(sp?)and Caitlin, ( they have the same birthday!!)

Nurse Alicia and Caitlin

Barbara and Caitlin (also grandma's friend!!)

Group Picture of everyone with Caitlin!!!

Entry for March 18,2006

Entry for March 18, 2006
Well Well Well where do I began lol first off Caitlin was 3lbs15 oz yesterday so just shy of 4lbs. Not sure what she is today because she doesn't get her daily weighs now.
We are home!!!!! We took Caitlin home yesterday and she is doing so good. She is such a good girl and does not cry hardly at all unless i am changing her. She has spit up a little here and there but nothing major , one time it did come out her nose so I just fed her a little less for her next feed. Dillon loves her tons and can not get enough of her. He has been super excited since we brought her home and even woke up today at 5:30 just to look at her. I am pooped though!! Have not really slept much because I am up every 2 1/2 hours with her so she can eat every three. I really think she would sleep right through the night if I let her but because she is so small I still need to make sure she eats every three hours so she can keep gaining weight. Right now she is just hanging out in her swing as quiet as can be. Have to say though she makes some pretty funny noises, she likes to grunt alot but I think it is very common for preemies to do that.
We have a gazillion appts next week with her Ped, Eye Dr and A nurse should be coming to the house as well.
It was a sad farewell to everyopne yesterday and its funny because it has been such a routine to go to the hospital , I might actually miss it a bit lol. Also Jenny and becky came down to visit her really quick to, rememember they were the nurses who were with me for the delivery of Madilyn and I will forever remember them and be so grateful for them because they made the whole situation so much easier for me and really really comforted me in a way alot of people could not. Well look at pictures there are plenty!!!! :0)

Entry for March 16,2006

Entry for March 16, 2006
Ok So Caitlin is now 1765 grams and that brings us to 3lbs14oz!!She is actually going to end up coming home tomorrow, Friday!!! We have been running around with our heads cut off lol. She will be only coming home on some extra vitamins(polivisol) and extra vitamin D, also what she has been getting in the NICU human milk fortifier just for some extra calories. I went to go order it at the pharmacie today and can you believe a box is 139.00!!! ouch!!!! But whatever she needs ;0). She is coming home 2 1/2 weeks early from her due date, whihc was suppose to be April 3rd. She is such a good girl.!!! She has been in the NICU officially 94 days as of tomorrow!!!! Not bad for such a tiny little peanut!!!!!!! Way to go Caitlin !!!
Got her bed ready to sleep in, I got her a co-sleeper so she is right next to me, right by my bed so I can keep a close eye on her. Well hopefully I will be able to put up some pictures tomorrow of our home coming if not then hopefully by sat, pretty sure she is going to keep me pretty busy.

Entry for March 15,2006

Entry for March 15, 2006
Caitlin is now 3lbs 13 oz!!1730 grams. she gained 60 grams!!!She is now in a big girl bed too!!! She is doing really well and doing good on her temp so we will be getting her home shortly!!!!!
Grandma Caryn came to visit today to and Caitlin was smiling and laughing alot at her;) Probably cause she is funny looking lol ( j/k mom!!!)
Well will report new weight tomorrow, also Caitlin is doing her car seat test tonight and getting her hearing test today as well.

Entry for March 14,2006

Entry for March 14, 2006
Well Well Well we have some news!! Caitlin is coming home this weekend!! Totaly shocked as we were not expecting that soon but she decided that she would like to come home now. She is taking every bottle by mouth and really has been doing great. To top it off she is also taking in 45 cc's whihc is an ounce in a half . what a porker!!!! She will be switched to a crib tomorrow I believe and then probably most likely will be coming home on sunday. Sunday is my birthday too!!! She wanted to give me a super birthday present!!!She is still 3 lbs 11 oz but I am pretty sure when they weigh her tonight that she will have gained pretty good. \
We just got back from the store buying her her last little things she needed and getting her a new car seat so I can take it tomorrow. I can't believe it is finally here for her to come home. WOW!!!!!!!!! I am so tired also I have been up since 6:30 this morning have been going all day and now have to work tonight blughhhhhhhhhh i will be one tired lady thats for sure.
Will post weight for tonight, tomorrow.

Entry for March 13,2006

Entry for March 13, 2006
alright so our little peanut just keeps getting bigger and bigger. She is now 3lbs 11 oz!!! She is also taking every feed by bottle, which means no more tube in her nose for gavage feedngs. I talked to the Dr today to try and kind of get an idea of when she would probably officialy be coming home and she said most likely it will be within the next 2 weeks!!!!I really got to get on the ball and get everything ready, of course you can never be really ready but we will be pretty darn close. I went to visit my little peanut and she slept the whole time, we kangaroo'd. The nurses have been saying that she has been more awake now also so thats exciting.
Well I actually did it I pumped in the car lol while driving. Pretty akward but boy did it save me time this morning and I got to go right to sleep when I got in the door. Perfect Perfect!!!!!
Well off to bake a cake for the heck of it

Entry for March 12,2006

Entry for March 12, 2006
Caitlin is officially 3lbs 9 oz, I forgot to write down the exact grams though (darn mommie)
She has also been taking every other bottle for her feeds and they also said I can start trying to breastfeed her. Can't believe she is almost home. I washed all her cloths yesterday and put them in her drawer. They look so cute in there!!!! She is now also up to 30 cc's now which is an ounce.She is really starting to catch up to me. Well thats about it, off to work, I am so exhausted tonight, I wasn't able to fall asleep before my shift so I know I am going to be so so tired. I am going to attempt to pump in the car on the way home tomorrow so I can just crash when I get home. lol that should be funny.

Entry for March 10,2006

Caitlins Pictures above her Crib

Closer View of Pictures

Closer View of Picture

Picture Frame from Auntie Renee

Closer View of Pictures

Uncle Royer and Caitlin
Yesterday Roger came to see Caitlin for the first time!!!!! Roger used to be my old boss, he is such a teddy bear!!!! We love royer!!

Caitlin sleeping away.

Dillon helping Daddy BBQ

Look at this Cute Face!!

Caitlin thinks mommie is funny!!

Entry for March 10, 2006
Caitlin gained 5 more grams so still 3lbs8oz as of last night. Today she had on an actual sleeper outfit and it almost fits perfect!!!! Yesterday Roger came to visit Caitlin , we had a nice time. Caitlin burped lots for him lol. She is still growing growing growing!!!!! Soon she will be home!!!!!! Will update weight check hopefully tonight if not tomorrow. We are starting to get her room done, got her pictures up, they look so cute!!!! Its fun decorating.

Entry for March 08,2006

Entry for March 08, 2006
Caitlin is 3 lbs 7 oz!!!!! She really jumped, she gained 65 grams so she is at 1560 grams. She did so well today bottle feeding when I went to go visit her, she took her bottle in less then 10 mins and even burped a good one lol. I believe once she hits 1800 grams (4lbs) she will get moved into a big girl bed and no more incubater.!!!!I seriously can not believe what a big girl she is. I really am getting excited to have her home. I better get all my sleep now while I can because once she is home asta la vesta to that lol.

Entry for March 07,2006

Entry for March 07, 2006
Caitlin went down 10 grams last night but it is ok , she really has done well with her weight gain. Erika came today and held her for the first time. Caitlin kept smiling she was so cute. Caitlin also got another eye exam today and it was good, no changes which is good so her ROP is not getting worse, I hope it just gets better so she will be able to see everything and anything lol. I am going to be getting super busy starting to really get things ready for Caitlin to come home, it will be just a few more weeks or maybe sooner till she gets to come home. We just got Dillon a new dresser so Caitlin can have his old one. I am so excited to get her things in the dresser and get things ready for her. Can you believe it has been 3 months already she has been her!!!!! It is so weird what our lives have become but strangly such a routine going back and forth to the hospital. In the begining when ever the machines would beep we would freak out and wonder why no one was getting to them right away, now it is just like ahhh , she's fine and if it goes off we will even silence it ourselves sometimes. Funny thing is , is that everything is such a blurr to us. I am so happy I started this blog to remember everything because if it wern't for that , I would not rememeber the half of everything. Some have asked how big she has to be in order to come home, well all she has to be is atleast 1800 grams which is 4 lbs and able to take all her feeds by mouth. Can you believe when we started this journey she was only 554 grams
Just wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone who has kept up on our story and long journey and all those who have sent cloths for her and gifts and fun things for Dillon. You really have all touched our hearts and we will forever be thankful to each and everyone of you!!!!
Well thats about it for now will call later to see what her weight is but will have to post it tomorrow.

Entry for March 06,2006

Entry for March 06, 2006
Well Caitlin had gained 20 more grams as of last night, so she is still 3lb4oz , I havent yet got to find out what her gain is tonight so I will post it tomorrow. Some of the nurses do her weight check around 9 and some don't do them until midnight so when they do it that late I am sleeping already. She did so good today on her bottle, its the first time she ate all of her bottle for me. She did 27 cc's within 10 mins, way to go Caitlin. Well thats about it, not to much change except she is just getting bigger and bigger by the day!!!!!! Her little dresses that use to fit her look like little shirts now lol.

Entry for March 04,2006

Entry for March 04, 2006
Well our Caitlin just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Last night she was 1445 grams which equals to 3lbs3oz and tonight she is 1465 grams and the equals to 3lbs4oz!!!! She is just starting to get so big. I was looking back at her pictures and it all seems like such a blur to me and still so sureal. She is so cute. I kangaroo'd with her today for almost 2 hours. I was so comfortable. She was just looking around for the longest time then finally she knocked out so she could grow some more. We bought her a roking chair today.Well actually one for us but for her lol. Well thats it for today.

Entry for March 03,2006

Entry for March 03, 2006
Caitlin is getting so big!!!! She is 1425 grams so she is now 3lbs2oz, she just might get to come home pretty soon. We have to get ready for her pretty quick!!!!! I had forgot to add that feltina from our church came to visit Caitlin yesterday. She calls her peaches because she is so furry lol. She is actually starting to catch up on my milk now!!! She is at 27 cc's which is almost an ounce, alot compared to her first feeding of just 1cc- --30 cc's equals an ounce so almost there. We had to move my baby shower up a week closer just in case she does decide to come home a little bit early. I will be so excited once she is able to come home because it will be so comfy and I will get to spend all day and all night with her. It is really hard on us right now because with working and Mr. Dillon its hard to always be at the hospital but we do go every day just wish I could be there all day.
Dillon got put on an actual inhaler today so when his asthma acts up when we are out he can just use his inhaler instead of the neublizer machine. I am enjoying it being a little bit cooler here but it is kind of hard on Dillon's lungs , my poor little guy. Well till tomorrow.

Entry for March 02,2006

Mama and Caitlin

bath time

Loving the bath

getting ready for bath

getting ready to get out of bath

all done

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lunch

Entry for March 02, 2006
ok so Miss Caitlin is doing so well. She is still 3lbs she lost 15 grams last night but thats ok . The nurses are starting to weigh her a little bit later so weight checks won't be till morning now.
She got her first immunizations today and she did so well, she really didn't complain much. Also as you can see she took a bath and she lovvvvvves it. She is so funny she totally just soaks it all up. She is such a good girl. Well thats about it, not to much, I am just really tired so I will try to put more tomorrow.

Entry for March 01,2006

Entry for March 01, 2006
Hello everyone!!!! sorry did not post yesterday , just alot going on still. anyway I will do a more detailed post later today or tomorrow with all of Caitlin's reports , But wanted to let everyone know that Caitlin is officially 3lbs!!!!!!! She is such a big girl and so cute. Tomorrow I get to watch her take a bath so I will try and post pictures tomorrow. TaaaTaaa for now.

Entry for February 25,2006

Entry for February 25, 2006
Forgot to add that Caitlin took 2 bottles yesterday and she is up to 23.5 cc's of milk which is almost an ounce, 30 cc's is 1 ounce, and she is now getting a bottle once a shift, she would probably take more but they do not want to tire her out to quick or burn to many calories doing that. She really does have great suction , you should see her go to town with her pacifier lol , even her thumb. Ok off until Tuesday

Entry for February 24,2006

Entry for February 24, 2006
ok its official, I am sick. I am so bummed because now I can'tgo see Caitlin. I didn't go today and probably won't be able to go for another few days. I hate being sick and especially right now. Caitlin is officaly 2lbs 12 oz , she is 1250 grams. Just a few more oz and she will be 3lbs!!!!!!! I miss her so much and especially to be gone from her so many days. Well this is my last post for a couple days because we are finishing our move tomorrow and I will not have computer hooked up until tuesday so I will make sure to write everything down and post as soon as I can.

Entry for February 23,2006

Auntie Sheree and Caitlin

Having Sweet Dreams

Mommie and Caitlin

Kisses from Auntie Sheree

Entry for February 23, 2006
1240 grams so she is just right under 2lbs12oz or right at. She has been taking bottle really well also. They give her a bottle once a day, when she gets a little more bigger then she will get to have it once a shift(every 12 hours) then every other few feeds and so on. She is so cute, she was totally awake for a bit, while I went and my sister got to go also and grandma Caryn.
She really is getting so big, I will be stopping the hind milk soon, hopefully she will still continue to gain weight good. I think I am coming down with a cold,I am bummed because if I am sick then I can not go to see Caitlin until I am better because then I will get her sick. We have been moving all week as well so I just feel runned down from working , moving and going back and forth to the hospital. Well thats about it, I will post one more time tomorrow then I am not going to be able to get back onto computer until Tuesday because I don't get my new cable till then so I won't have any internet access. I will write everything down though then post it on Tuesday so I don't miss anything.

Entry for February 22,2006

Entry for February 22, 2006
OK so we had another weight gain!!!! 1240grams so she is now 2lbs 11 oz, she is almost that 3 lb mark!!! Way to go Caitlin.
Will try and take more pictures tomorrow.
I was just scrolling through all her pictures and looking back it seems so crazy how small she was and now all of a sudden she is just gaining so good and really looks big to us now!!!If click on photos only you can totaly see the difference, Isn't God amazing to create such a miracle!!!!!

Entry for February 22,2006

Entry for February 22, 2006
Well good news , no sudden change in Caitlin's eye exam so Dr didn't seem to concerned. Hopefully it will stay like that. Erika came yesterday and said how much bigger Caitlin looks!!Caitlins weight last night was 1190 so she dropped 10 grams but she is still at 2lbs10oz, which is ok because she really has been doing well on her weight gain. I am on my way to go see her in a bit and then will post her weigtht tonight or tomorrow. They normally weigh her around 8 pm every night. that is one of the things i really look foward to!!!!! Tomorrow my sister is coming down to see miss Caitlin whihc should be fun. Don't know if I mentioned that she moved down to Pasadina which is much closer then Santa Babara so she comes down alot more!well toodles for now.

Entry for February 20,2006

Entry for February 20, 2006
And she continues to gain weight!!!!!!she is now 1200 grams which is 2lbs 10 oz , she is doing so well, she has been trying to suckle from a bottle still, today she was a little bit tired so we will try her again tomorrow. She got another bath tonight so I can't wait to see her tomorrow, I love it when she gets baths because her hair gets so fuzzy and fluffy lol. My best friend Erika is coming to visit Miss Caitlin tomorrow also. Oh yeah and Caitlin is 14 1/2 inches long now to, almost forgot. Thats about it, got to get Mr. Dillon to bed now.

Entry for February 18,2006

Entry for February 18, 2006
Well Caitlin has again gained weight!!! She is 1150 grams so she is 2lbs9oz!!!! Can you believe she is almost 3 lbs!! And it has been a fast good steady gain from the last couple of weeks.
Today we tried bottle feeding her again, she did about 10cc's and then decided nahhhhhhhhhh, the first part was her vitamins and i don't think she liked those to much so I think she got uninterested lol , she really is doing good though for being so tiny still. She looked so cute sucking on the bottle. Also she is growing out of her dress!!! It is short on her now and getting tight. It fit her just perfect a couple weeks ago lol, almost time to start wearing the reg preemie cloths.
We started moving today we will probably do little by little and should be done by this coming weekend. It will be so nice to be on our own again. It has been a long time coming. Well better hit the sack , i have literally been going since 3 am today and I am so pooped,these next couple weeks are super busy for me and even this week was really busy, Can't wait until Caitlin gets to come home, it will be so much better and less stressful. Although I have got used to going to the hospital everyday now, its just so routine now that its almost like going to work don't even think twice about it, just do it lol. oh and lastly I saw Dillon's Pediatrician today as I was leaving the hospital and had him come look at Caitlin. most likley we will be staying with that Dr although I was possibly thinking about getting something a little closer to home, still not sure , we'll see.

Entry for February 18,2006

Entry for February 18, 2006
1125 grams so just 9 grams away from being 2lbs8oz

Entry for February 17,2006

Looky my fuzzy hair

Sweet Dreams

Entry for February 17, 2006
Ok quick post, Caitlin weighed the same last night(2lbs7oz) and I was so tired to post last night (sorry) but here is a funny thing, so as I posted earlier (I think) The 2 nurses that really helped me with delivering Madilyn were actually my Dr's neices and they were the most sweetest people in the world and they are sisters, christian,just really made my whole bad nightmare alot better and comforted me in ways probably no one else could, ok so then I ended up going back to hospital last night with my mom and Dillon and the nurse who was taking care of Caitlin is actually my Dr's fiance'e. How weird is that, I got the whole family lol, they are all so sweet. Its funny how that worked out but the good thing is , that everyone literly everyone is so impressed with Caitlin and say that she is a perfect preemie and very advanced. It makes me feel so good!!!!! And all though the nurses and Dr's are totaly awesome, I really think that all of her acomplishements and everything Caitlin is acheiving and doing is GOD!!!! Everything about what has happend with the girls is truely a miracle, literly. And here is another great thing.................... Caitlin drank from a bottle today!!!!!!!!!! She did so good 10 mins and she finished that puppy off!!! She is doing so so good!!!I am such a happy and proud mommy!!!
I was asking Caitlin's nurse, with her doing so good that most likely she might come home righht on her due date if not earlier and she said oh yes, so that makes me happy, some babies don't get to come home until quite a bit after thier due date so she is doing good. I think she wants to come home already so we can cuddle ;0) Well thats about it for now I will post later tonight with Caitlin's weight.

Entry for February 15,2006

Entry for February 15, 2006
2lbs 7oz!!!! Caitlin made a huge jump of weight !!!!! that is 1110 grams. I was noticing today how chunky her legs looked even lol.
Caitlin had another check-up on her eyes today and she is at stage II ROP , which means her eyes are making a little bit of a difference and she might possibly need laser surgery to try to help her out a little bit - here are the different stages I found
age 1: blood vessels not completely developed (quite normal for a preemie, isn't it ?)
stage 2: enhanced grow of blood vessels (more than normal)
stage 3: scar tissue, blood vessels affecting the vitreous eventually + sign: additional observations (bleedings, well filled blood vessels, rigid pupil...)
stage 4a: partial retinal detachment (vision loss) by traction of scar tissue in the vitreous
stage 4b: partial retinal detachment involving area of best vision (severe vision loss)
stage 5: complete retinal detachment (no vision)
This is pretty common for preemies and in some way I kind of suspected this so it is ok and thankfully we are catching it early enough to try to do something about it. Normally probably I would have been upset but because I had awhile to research on preemie issues before I had Caitlin , it kind of seems routine and I feel so blessed she hasn't had anything really major yet that some preemies do have.
I even talked to the Neo DR today and he says that Caitlin is a very tough little girl and he is very impressed by her. This Neonontoligist was also over at CHOC and said that when she had first got there he was worried about her because of ventilater and not doing so good, but that she has really been doing great. I am very proud of Caitlin she def is a good girl and has been pretty well behaved. She kept blocking her face today, I guess she was mad at us because she had to have her eye exam so she didn't want anybody to look at her lol.
Well thats about it , I am so tired I will try to find more info about the ROP tomorrow, so it is more understandable but for now I seriously just want to sleep lol

Entry for February 14,2006

Caitlin Smiling

Don't look at me!!!

Kangaroo'ing with Caitlin

Checking things out

Entry for February 14, 2006
Caitlin is doing so good, she is the same weight as the day before , but that is ok so she is still 2lbs5oz --- She was so funny yesterday because she was awake and alart most of the day and she likes to grunt alot lol , on my way to see her now so will report weight gain tonight.
Ok repeat, sorry but will probbly do this for about a week - ----
Favor from everyone please. I am sure Caitlin would love to know who all read about her and kept up on updates so if you could all just click on the comments link below this post to make a coment on who you are and how you know us and whatever else you would like to say I would really appreciate it and also love it!!!!. That way she can read all about you guys!!!! ---addition I didn't relize you had to be a member of the yahoo 360 but it is super easy to sign up so you can make a comment and it is free, I would really love to see more about everyone so Caitlin can read about you guys later on.

Entry for February 12,2006

Entry for February 12, 2006
Miss Caitlin is doing good!!! 1040 grams so she is now 2lbs5oz!!!!
She got her first actual tub bath yesterday, actually more of a spa lol, they used the oxigen tubing and put it inside her tub so she had little bubbles so she loved it. We wern't able to be there because we didn't know she was getting one but next time we can go. I didn't want to put it off because I know Caitlin needed a bath. She is getting so so big. I love seeing her , her fingers are realy starting to fill out and also her feet, just everything about her is getting big. To us she is a big girl now compared to how little she was when she was born but to other people who are not use to seeing her , she is super duper tiny.
We are moving in a couple weeks!!!! Finally , I am so excited , we have been living with my in- laws for quite some time now and well it hasn't exactly been fun to say the least but now we are going to have are own place again finally and I really can't wait. It will be fun to get all of Caitlin's things ready for her to come home!!!!! Well until tomorrow.

Entry for February 10,2006

Caitlin sucking on her binky without oxigen!!

look at my chubby cheeks!!!!


You like my hair????? :0)

Tired Little Girl

Entry for February 10, 2006
Caitlin is 1020 grams today!!!!!! That is 2lbs4oz, she just keeps growing and growing now!!!!!! She has been such a good girl today and she is still off her nasel canula!!! Way to go Caitlin!!!!!!! Make sure to look at her new pictures without her canula!!!!!!

Ok repeat, sorry but will probbly do this for about a week - ----
Favor from everyone please. I am sure Caitlin would love to know who all read about her and kept up on updates so if you could all just click on the comments link below this post to make a coment on who you are and how you know us and whatever else you would like to say I would really appreciate it and also love it!!!!. That way she can read all about you guys!!!! ---addition I didn't relize you had to be a member of the yahoo 360 but it is super easy to sign up so you can make a comment and it is free, I would really love to see more about everyone so Caitlin can read about you guys later on.

Entry for February 10,2006

Entry for February 10, 2006
Great News Caitlin is off her Nasal Caunula!!!!!! They are seing how she does but so far so good , it has been a couple hours and she loves it. I am on my way to see her and I will def take some pictures!!! She is being such a good girl!!!!!!!
Ok repeat, sorry but will probbly do this for about a week - ----
Favor from everyone please. I am sure Caitlin would love to know who all read about her and kept up on updates so if you could all just click on the comments link below this post to make a coment on who you are and how you know us and whatever else you would like to say I would really appreciate it and also love it!!!!. That way she can read all about you guys!!!! ---addition I didn't relize you had to be a member of the yahoo 360 but it is super easy to sign up so you can make a comment and it is free, I would really love to see more about everyone so Caitlin can read about you guys later on.

Entry for February 09,2006

Look at Caitlin's foot, I know a little tricky to see but her toes are actully getting chubby and curling to her foot.

another picture of Caitlin's chubby feet

Cute Outfit!!!
Isn't this outfit cute!!!!! Sherri Sheapard got this for Miss Caitlin, everyone kept saying how cute it was !!!!

Caitlin is sound asleep

Entry for February 09, 2006
Caitlin is officaily 2lbs 3 oz!!!! 990 grams!!! Yeah Caitlin!!! She is doing really well, she is at 21 % oxigen and at 1 litter flow!!!! She got weened down from1.5 liter flow at 6 pm and when I called a little after 9 and they said she was doing great!!!!! I held her today for about an hour and she slept the whole time, she even cried a little bit before her feeding to let us know she was hungry , she is actually crying alot louder now, and she even makes little noises to she is so cute!!!!!! Well make sure to look at pictures down below. Her feet are getting so chubby now too!!!!! Also here is repeat part of post from last one, would really like it for you all to make comments----
Favor from everyone please. I am sure Caitlin would love to know who all read about her and kept up on updates so if you could all just click on the comments link below this post to make a coment on who you are and how you know us and whatever else you would like to say I would really appreciate it and also love it!!!!. That way she can read all about you guys!!!! ---addition I didn't relize you had to be a member of the yahoo 360 but it is super easy to sign up so you can make a comment and it is free, I would really love to see more about everyone so Caitlin can read about you guys later on.
Thank you guys

Entry for February 09,2006

Entry for February 09, 2006
Well Caitlin is 970 grams, that is almost 2lb3oz!!!!!! Yeah Caitlin!!!! She is doing really well. Yesterday I was holding her and she was totaly moving her head upwards so she could look at me then got in a comfy spot and rested her head on her hands just looking up at me and was making the cutest faces and even smiled a few times, it was soooooooooooooo cute, I wish I would of had the video camera lol. Going to go see her in a bit see what else she has in store for me today.
Just another repeat from last post-----Favor from everyone please. I am sure Caitlin would love to know who all read about her and kept up on updates so if you could all just click on the comments link below this post to make a coment on who you are and how you know us and whatever else you would like to say I would really appreciate it and also love it!!!!. That way she can read all about you guys!!!! ---addition I didn't relize you had to be a member of the yahoo 360 but it is super easy to sign up so you can make a comment and it is free, I would really love to see more about everyone so Caitlin can read about you guys later on.

Entry for February 07,2006

Entry for February 07, 2006
Well today was a nice day Caitlin is doing good, We kangarooed today and I actually fell asleep with her. I have been so tired with work and back and forth to the hospital. Will get her weight tonight but won't be able to post until tomorrow. Everyone is so happy to have her back and so amazed by her and how well she is doing and how cute she is. It makes me feel good to hear that and a proud mama ;0)
Favor from everyone please. I am sure Caitlin would love to know who all read about her and kept up on updates so if you could all just click on the comments link below this post to make a coment on who you are and how you know us and whatever else you would like to say I would really appreciate it and also love it!!!!. That way she can read all about you guys!!!!

Entry for February 07,2006

Entry for February 07, 2006
ok so quick update on weight, Caitlin is now 910grams so she is offically 2lbs!!!!!!!!!!
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Caitlin!!!!!!!!!

Entry for February 06,2006

Entry for February 06, 2006
real quick update for tonight, Caitlin is 935 grams, which is 2lbs1oz!!! She did get a blood transfusion tonight so that could be part of it but she is getting lasics also so night nurse is going to re weigh her in a few hours to see about how much she really is, but still that weight sounds great!!!!!!!!! Don't foget to look at pictures ;0)

Entry for February 06,2006

Caitlin's New View back at Hoag

Caitlin still sleeping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Caitlin sleeping in her nice new bed

Entry for February 06, 2006
Were back at Hoag-- Actually went alot quicker then I even thought lol . I tried calling my insurance this morning after I got off work and they said no way she can stay at CHOC oh well so then I feel asleep about 8 am after working all night and not even really taking a nap before then Caitlin's Dr called at about 9:30 or so saying that Caitlin would have to be transported today and I would need to come down for consent , I thought I would be able to fall back asleep no such luck, so got ready to go see Caitlin and when I got there she was just hanging out relaxing so I went to go eat real quick and when I came back she was getting her hearing test, She failed but they said not to be almared because it was still to early and alot of babies fail anyways. I went to go pump and as I was pumping they came in to say she was ready to go. woooooooooooooooo that was fast not like when she got sent to CHOC at 9 pm.
Followed Caitlin over to Hoag and got situated. Caitlin was sleeping the whole time and has slept pretty much all day. She must like it back here because it is alot quieter and a little bit more spacious. I was bummed to leave CHOC and the nurses and Dr's, I realy liked them, well most lol but it is nice to be at HOAG again to. Everyone misssed us and made us feel very welcomed back so that was super nice. Caitlin felt extra special. Who would have thought though that I would have also liked to keep Caitlin at CHOC, remember how much I hated it in the begining lol , I ended up getting used to it and some of the nurses. She is in great hands here to!!!!
Caitlin was down 20 grams last night when I called so 88O grams so I was kind of bummed but hopefuly we will see some weight gain again soon. She is getting another blood transfusion today also and some vitamin D for her bones and some other stuff. I will find out her wieght again later but will probably just post tomorrow. I am soooo tired I have got 3 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours so pretty pooped.