Monday, November 10, 2008

Caitlin's First Day of Ballet!!!

Baby girl is a little shorter then the rest ;0)

Caitlin's potty chair

So again I have been meaning to update our blog but kept putting it off and putting it off.
We are all done getting evaluated from the school district and we will have our meeting next week but I have some what of the just of it. Caitlin is done with services as of December 13th, and she will not be going into the school district for special education. She is measuring age appropriate and above on some things I will exactly where she is at when we go into our meeting but the school psychologist said she was a miracle and how well she is doing with what a fun cute little girl she is which we already know of course!!! I am super proud of Caitlin she really has been such a blessing. She has proven so many Dr's and people wrong and I just am so so proud. It has been ups and downs getting to this point but she has always won every battle and will continue to do so. She is a fighter. I am actually excited once she is fully done with group because we get to have more quality time and we will be doing some fun things to keep her going. We plan on doing library 1 x a week for story time. We have passes to a science center and she is going to be doing ballet/tap 1 x a week. Today was actually her first day of ballet/tap dance and she loved it. She walked in like she knew what she was doing and caught on very quickly. She was so excited to do ballet. We have been talking about alot and signed her up on Friday. she has not stopped talking about it since. When she woke up from her nap today I told time to get ready for ballet and she jumped out of bed and couldn't wait. She looked so so cute. She was a bit tinier then everyone else but she did just as well!!!

Also another big deal is that Caitlin is potty trained about 85%!! We got her a vintage potty chair off Craig's list with a tray and she took to it and walla she still has accidents here and there but for the most part she does great. It just came from one day to the next and yep I do think the potty had the touch. I'll post a picture.
Everything else is good. Dillon is doing really well in school and every Friday folder he has its always good reports so yay for Dillon.
Oh and yes one last thing Caitlin and Dillon now have a bunk bed. Yep Caitlin has retired her cute little toddler bed. It was bitter sweet for me I felt a little sad moving it out of her room. I miss my little girl. I had moved into the living room to get it out of the room while Caitlin was at school and when she got home she said ahhhhhh man mommie!! Looooook my bed here it no go in here mom it go in my room. I had to tell her no because we are putting your big bed in and then she said ok. Caitlin sleeps on the bottom and Dillon is on the top. They look so cute in it. Caitlin looks like a little peanut in it but they love it. I will have to take some bunk bed pictures for next post.
Oh yes and by the way there ain't nothing Caitlin can't say anymore. My favorite saying is when she sees something either she likes or not so much likes she says "Ohhhhh myyyy GOSH, Mommy Loooook"and then will explain what it is that we are suppose to be looking at. Also she told me the other day when she didn't get her way "ughhhh that not fair and criss crossed her arms looking down" oh yes and my favorite one was while we were shopping for ballet clothes it Dillon and Caitlin were having the time of their lives not listening to me and being loud so I said knock it off you guys I have had it and Caitlin mimicked me and said I've Had it!!!" yep like I said ,nothing she can't say. Huh and Dr's said she wouldn't be able to speak but that's not what God says he showed them!!!