Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures Pictures

Grandpa and the kids

Picture of Grandma Alice

Oh yes and I forgot to mention this. Jesus went to pick up Dillon from school this was a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. I got a call from the office from Jesus saying he cut his lip right before school ended on some rainbow steps from a little boy who was picking them up and Dillon was running and ran right into him anyway they said he might have needed a couple stitches and we should take him to his Dr. Ok so Jesus took him to the Dr thinking a couple stitches and walla nope Dr had to end up sending us to a plastic surgeon because the cut was so big so i met Jesus there and ohhh my I didn't think it was that bad. Hid lip was cut from inside out totally split open so 9 stitches later and a couple more from the outside and we get this;0) plus side I found my self a plastic surgeon for me later on, ya know when things start going in the wrong direction !!!

So this will just be pictures since I am so behind so here is from Thanksgiving
we had a fun time with lots of family then mom decided to do the midnight madness and did not
stop shopping until 1 in the afternoon so yep that is more then 12 hours of shopping!!!!