Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!

Lots of pictures!!! Caitlin's hair is growing a little
more. We are finally able to do pigtails yeah!!!
Also here are some pictures of Caitlin's new doggie!!! She got a Valentine's gift from one of our favorite buddy's at Caitlin's group program. One of the therapist there is so good to Caitlin and totaly adores her. She is really great and defintly has Caitlin's heart too!!!! So Thank You so much for our Doggie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Remember this outfit????!!

Look what I found. Caitlin's first 4th of July outfit.
Can you believe it can still go on her!!!! Its a little tight but she could still wear it !!!!

The size of this outfit is preemie size also ;0)
Of course we can't let her walk around like that but it was cute just to dress up in!!!

Look at the difference. The old picture was from July 2006 and then the new pictures are about a year in a half later

Friday, February 01, 2008

Sick again!!!!!

Caitlin and Dillon watching Cailou

Baby Girl is sick again. We have been fighting this cold forever it seems.Caitlin will get better for a few days then all of a sudden its back. We went to Peed on Tuesday and we have a repitory infection so Caitlin is on Zithromax and oral liquid steroid to help her lungs out a bit. xopinex also for her neublizer machine. Dillon is starting to get a little bit sick as well. Fun fun. Caitlin has thrown up a couple times as well in the last couple days my poor baby. Wed we attempted to get her to her group program because it seemed as if she had been feeling better then wammm right when we pull up puke mania!!!!!!! Back home it was.

We did however weigh out little peanut and we are 20 lbs 7 oz. She is such a tiny girl but she is full of life and energy!!! She is really putting words together, when you tickle her she belly laughs and says "it tickle"also she calls out for Dillon alot now to. Last night Dillon came to sleep with me because he wasn't feeling to good and I just knew she would wake up late at night noticing he wasn't in the room( they share rooms) how I knew this is because awhile back Dillon had a sleep over at his friends house and Caitlin was up all night crying for Dillon. So sure enough at 3:38 am Caitlin was crying for Dillon this is how it goes "Diddon, Diddon, Diddon" so I had to move Dillon back to his bed and all was fine. Funny huh but pretty darn cute.
Other words he is putting together is "Diddon hiiiit me" "More please" stooooppp it , Datt Scur mee, I love listening to her.

We are moving soon. Yipppeeeeee. Closer to Caitlin's school and close to Dillon's new preschool which will be really great. so lots of packing to do soon.