Sunday, April 13, 2008

Finally footage of Dillon riding his bike!!!!

Here is a video of Dillon riding his bike with no training wheels!!! What a big boy he is turning!!
I can't believe he is going to be 5 years old next month!!!! He is growing so fast but he is always going to be my baby!!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Bye -Bye Bottle

No more bottle or teetaa we call it
On Thursday we made a big step and said no more bottles cause we are a big girl now!!!
We got a couple balloons(however one popped on our way out) so we could send our left over bottles to heaven for the babies could have them. We threw the rest in the trash and waved bye!! I basically cold turkey Caitlin ( mean Mommy) but it was the only way to do it I think. Caitlin depends so much on her bottle still that its really hard to get her to eat. Also if she is on it to long it can delay her speech as well as her chewing skills so we decided it was time.
She was getting about 3 bottle a day still-
1 in the morning 1 right before nap time and one before bed.
How's it going so far?? Actually great!!!! the first night without it she remembered that her bottle was all gone and kept saying about the balloon and all gone. We tried from a cup she had a couple sips. Second day Friday morning she asked for it and I reminded her that it was all gone she said OK and took a cup , she drank about 4-5 oz. She ate breakfast that morning, she never eats breakfast!!!! She ate lunch super good at group and still came home and ate even more!! Big step for us!!! Last night I offered her cup again and she drank almost the whole thing from a cup!!!! This morning again she asked for it but I gave her a cup instead and she drank a little bit.

even though she has asked for it a couple times she hasn't cried for it once. So we are doing super good!! Way to go Caitlin!!!!

Here are our pictures of bye- bye bottle!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hospital Day( updated version)

Ok so finally I am able to write something really quick. We have been busy and then a little lazy here and there to ;0)
Well Some of you are wondering why the hospital pictures well here it is. When we went to our ENT appointment for follow up after our sleep study and adenoid X-ray we didn't get the best results. We found out that Caitlin's adenoids were very enlarged as well as her sleep study showed that she was having sleep apnea 7 times per hour so in other words her tonsils as well as her Adenoids were obstructing her breathing. Also Caitlin still had some fluid in her ears so instead of putting tubes the Dr decided to just drain out her ears while getting her tonsils and Adenoids taken out. We had our surgery on Monday march 31. It was a little nerve wracking but we made it through. Caitlin had a great time before her surgery at the children's hospital they were really nice and she got to see a dogie and ride around on a little car. When they gave her the relaxing medicine she got so funny. It was like she was a little drunk girl she would not stop smiling or laughing it was hysterical!!!!

we got to the hospital about 6:30 am and she was off for surgery about 8:40 it lasted about an hour and when the Dr came back he said she did really well but her tonsils and her adenoids were a lot bigger then what he thought and if they would have been any bigger it could have completely obstructed her breathing!!!! she had a hard day after recovery and the next couple days was quite sore but once we actually got home form the hospital she seemed to do a lot better of course. We only had to stay one night to monitor her and keep her hydrated. We almost had to stay 2 nights because she was having trouble eating and drinking but good ol dad got her to drink 4 oz before we left and that was good!!! So all in all she is doing great now. We go for our follow up in a couple more weeks to see how she is doing.

Things I have noticed so far since surgery is that
# 1- she can actually take medicine a little bit more easier(before she would gag and choke really easy)
# 2- She actually ate some steak the other day and swallowed it!!!!!
# 3- today she took a couple bites of hamburger and actually swallowed it!!!!
# 4- normally she will snore but I would really notice her super loud if she fell asleep in the car. well she fell asleep in the car and she didn't snore!!!!!

These are all great things!! I am hoping that not only it cured her sleep apnea but also it will help her a bit with eating and her speech which is what is suppose to happen as well.
Also within the next couple weeks we are going to be working on operation weening our bottle. Yep finally no more bottle. It is going to be very bittersweet for me. I think it is time for no more bottle but I am going to miss it as well because whenever she has bad days she will at least take a couple bottles during the day. her bottle give her a lot of extra calories but on the down side of it keeping her on the bottle can delay her speech as well as continuing to improve her eating skills. We are still working on eating with Caitlin and with her not having the bottle she is eventually going to get more hungry and not depend so much o her bottle. Its going to be tough but we will do it ;) When we went to the hospital last Monday we got a weight on Caitlin she was 21 lb 6 oz and was 32 1/2 inches long. We have gained !! yeahhh we might have lost a few ounces or so since our surgery due to not eating to much but we are going to make our way back up!!!!

On the way to the hospital

waiting for our surgery to start

This is Caitlin on relaxing meds. She was so funny. She just kept smiling and laughing at everything

On the way to getting wheeled out for Surgery

After surgery in recovery

trying to eat something but having a hard time

Yeahh!!! Going Home!!!

We are Home now and happy as can be!! free at last!!!!