Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long Coming Update

Wow its been forever since I have posted, seems like time just passed by so quickly and life got very busy. We have since last post moved, Caitlin has started school and we had another new addition to our family!!! Nathan William was born on August 23,2010 8 lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long!!!

Nathan at 4 months old

So lets start on my baby girl Caitlin!! Shes doing so good!!! We have truly been blessed by her outcome. We weren't sure what the road was going to hold for us when she was born, we had heard so many bad stories and dr's gave us such a gloomy outcome. We had also heard good stories to which gave us some hope and most of all our faith in God has gotten us over so many obstacles for sure!! She is now 5 years old! Gosh its crazy to think of it, it went by so quick and so much of it seems like such a blur. I am so thankful to be where we are now Thank you Jesus!!
Caitlin is still my little polly pocket she is 40 1/2 inches and 29 lbs. She has so much energy and is super silly. She loves to make weird faces and try and get you to giggle. Her and Dillon are best friends and she is totally loving her new baby brother. She loves to add ish after things like sparklish, coldish, warmish ect... she says actually a lot lol and she likes to say dontcha know after sentences to like shes from Alaska or Nebraska.
Caitlin did get approved for special education for 5 days a week for 2 1/2 hours. I am hoping that this will help bridge the small little gaps for her and then she will be able to attend regular school this coming year for kindergarten. Its really just for a few little things that she is needing some extra work on. Sometimes she will have some trouble with her comprehension and processing. She is a visual learner so she needs to see things how they are done and get a good feel for it. She also has a hard time sometimes getting out an answer when put on the spot. She just clams up and will stare at you and you can not get a word out but we are working on that. I have definitely seen some major improvement since starting school. Just alone in her drawings even. Before she would just draw a circle and a quick scribble for mouth and eyes, now her pictures have so much more detail and shes adding more things like a sun ,grass and colors of clothes. shes catching up nicely! Other than that her health is great we haven't had any major medical issues and in fact it seems like she hasn't even got sick to much either besides the small little colds here and there.

So for whoever is still reading our blog or just found our blog and you have a preemie don't give up and lose hope although you do hear of alot of bad outcomes there are also good outcomes. You would never be able to tell that Caitlin was a preemie by just looking at her besides her being a little smaller but even that she has some friends that are very healthy full termers that are about same size as her. I truly believe for us that God has been there with her every step of her journey and he has blessed her unconditionally.

Now for Dillon! He is 7 now and in just a few more months going to be turning 8, I can't believe it my babies are growing up, makes me sad, time is going by to quickly. He is doing so good also, he is doing really well in school and getting so big. He is up to my chest, I wonder if he will outgrow me by the looks of it I'm thinking he just might . He also loves his baby brother and has been such a big help to me. Nathan gets a kick out of seeing Dillon and Caitlin. They can get him to giggle so quickly. Dillon is my second set of hands when I need help and can carry the big guy around for me when I need him to. Dillon still has the biggest heart and I love him to pieces. He also has quite the sense of humor and is a total goofball at times.

Now For Nathan , we were super blessed again with another pregnancy! I have to admit I was very nervous during the first and second trimester of my pregnancy. With everything we went through with the girls pregnancy. It took me a good while to really enjoy my pregnancy, even though I had faith it was going to be ok I don't think you ever completely get over a big event like what I went through with my girls. I constantly had what ifs and I just know I prayed so hard everyday that God would just bless us with a full term healthy pregnancy and boy did He!!
I went to 39 weeks and 1 day with Nathan and he was definitely a healthy boy and still is! I did have a cervical cerclage put in at 14 weeks and I was on progesterone shots from day 1 of pregnancy until weeks 13 then on the other progesterone (p17) shots from week 16 till week 37. I think it helped a lot as well. I did rest up here and there but I was pretty active at times also.
I have to say that Nathan is such a happy baby. He always has a smile on his face and just hangs out. Only time he gets fussy is when he wants to munch down. He is a chunk butt also. Weighing 19 lbs already at only 4 months. Its weird to think my 4 month old baby is only 10 lbs away from Caitlin! Total opposite from what our last experience was.

Well there it all is alot has happened since our last post but all good things. We are still chugging along and doing great. Glad I was actually able to take some time and update. Wish I could have updated more but things have just been so busy it's been hard to keep up.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Here!!!

Here's Charlie!!!

Caitlin and Hannah!!!

Were still here!! Its been super hard to update part lazy, part just plain old busy.
Were searching to move to buy something and Caitlin and Dillon have been wild animals!!!
There isn't anything Caitlin can not so now. She is doing super great and Thank God we really haven't been sick!!!! Caitlin is officially potty trained accidents here and there but for the most part we are done!! yeahhhhhhh. Dillon is doing really good in school looks like math is going to be is super talent. We also got a new addition to our family , We got ourselves a dog!! What were we thinking I have no idea but he's here and he's here to stay!!! His name is Charlie and I love love the way Caitlin will say his name.
Its normally no no Charlie
You so silly Charlie and charlie no biting with a big smack on his face lol
There isn't anything Caitlin can not say she talks to me like a little adult its the cutest and the things she will say sometimes is hilarious!! She also has herself some good ol attitude and will let me know what she thinks quite bluntly!! Also our last weight she was 24 lbs and I want to say 35 inches?? I normally write these things down right away and I totally spaced out. still petite but very healthy so I ain't worried in the least bit.
So that's it for now wanted to write really quick.......

Monday, December 22, 2008

Pictures Pictures

Grandpa and the kids

Picture of Grandma Alice

Oh yes and I forgot to mention this. Jesus went to pick up Dillon from school this was a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. I got a call from the office from Jesus saying he cut his lip right before school ended on some rainbow steps from a little boy who was picking them up and Dillon was running and ran right into him anyway they said he might have needed a couple stitches and we should take him to his Dr. Ok so Jesus took him to the Dr thinking a couple stitches and walla nope Dr had to end up sending us to a plastic surgeon because the cut was so big so i met Jesus there and ohhh my I didn't think it was that bad. Hid lip was cut from inside out totally split open so 9 stitches later and a couple more from the outside and we get this;0) plus side I found my self a plastic surgeon for me later on, ya know when things start going in the wrong direction !!!

So this will just be pictures since I am so behind so here is from Thanksgiving
we had a fun time with lots of family then mom decided to do the midnight madness and did not
stop shopping until 1 in the afternoon so yep that is more then 12 hours of shopping!!!!