Wednesday, October 17, 2007

First day of School!!!!

Monday was Caitlin's first day of school!!! She finally got to get into her group and did so awesome!!! She didn't cry once and went right to one of the Physical Therapist. The first half hour is music time with signing. I love it. I stayed for about the first 20 minutes on Monday so she can get used to it but she didn't need me there at all. They said she did really well and no crying!!!! She will be going 3 x a week for 2 1/2 hours. She went again today and same thing had a great day. One thing which was great is that they saw how she ate, how she just lets her food sit in her mouth and doesn't really chew to much. I am glad they finally got to witness that so they knew what I was talking about so we can work on it. She did really well again today. I am so happy that she got approved and she always comes home so happy and in such a good mood from school. She really loves it alot.

On another note. Jesus had his surgery yesterday and he is doing well. He is in alot of pain but getting better. His surgery ended up lasting about 3 hours and was only suppose to be for about an hour in a half. The Dr said that in your clavicle(collar) bone it goes in 3 parts, the middle part is where he really broke it and said it broke into 4 pieces so he had to put the plate in and screws. It was like a puzzle which is why it took way longer then expected.
So hmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder if they will be riding a bike again anytime soon????:0)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Well a couple things today. Caitlin got weighed and she weighs 20 lbs and 8 oz . and is 30 1/2 inches long. So we are growing!!! I can't wait for Monday when Caitlin starts her group therapy. I will have to take lots of pictures if they let me ;0)
On another note. We went to go see the Orthopedic for Jesus and found out that he actually broke his collar bone so he has to go into surgery on Tuesday to have it fixed and I think they are going to have to put a plate in also. He is going to be off work for 3 months!!! I told him the good side of it is at least he will be off for the holidays and be able to really enjoy them this year ;0) Most years he normally has to work the day after a holiday so he has to get to bed early the night before. Please keep Jesus in your prayers for a speedy and great recovery. He is nervous being that this is his first surgery.
Also yesterday on our way to the Dr's I was trying to put Dillon and Caitlin in the stroller and was moving the tray and Caitlin fell face first on the asphalt. She has a little bruised lip and a little scrape on her chin. She could have been alot worse I felt so bad I told Jesus we aren't doing to good with the kids are we. First the bike accident then I dropped Caitlin. We are taking her to the dentist tomorrow to make sure everything is OK and that she didn't hurt her mouth to bad. She also needs her routine check up also so I guess perfect timing??!!

Caitlin and Dillon playing video games

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Yeahhhh We qualified for group!!! i knew we would but at the same time I was nervous just would if we didn't get in.
We went at looked at another place for her group and we really like it. I just drop her off now and leave for a couple hours 3 x a week . She will get everything she needs there and it should really help her with her speech and eating!!!! Hopefully we can start as early as this Friday but we will find out the availability to make sure they have room for her. The kids both got their flu shots today also. Caitlin is a little different then Dillon. Caitlin I thought for sure would cry but nope not one tear or scream just kind of won't mmm then done. Dillon on the other hand tried hitting the Dr with his game boy kicked him a couple times and tried a few good hits. I had to hold Dillon down with my legs , that is how much Dillon did not want the shot. Then a huge screech and a cry all the way to the car. But its done now and they are good to go.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Well they did it this time!!!
Daddy and Dillon decided it would be fun to go on a bike ride that not so
right way!!! Dillon was on the bike frame while daddy was pedaling and Dillon
stuck his foot in the spokes then they met with the asphalt. Not such a great outcome.
We had to take daddy and Dillon to the emergency room and they both got their X-rays at the same time. Thank God Dillon came out with no broken bones. He had a swollen ankle and was very much scraped up as you can see. Daddy has a fractured collar bone and as you can see very scraped up. Thank God they are pretty ok. It could have been worse is what I keep telling myself . Daddy is off work for a bit. Hopefully not to long hopefully he feels better soon. I am having to shower Daddy and take lots of good care of him. He is getting so bored because he is used to working so hard all the time and keeping busy

On Caitlin news. She has been sick the last couple weeks. First she had an ear infection then the following week she got pharyngitis(blisters on her throat) We had her weighed and she is 19 lbs 11 oz. tomorrow we go get their flu shots and hopefully it will help them from getting the flu this year.
We also had to get another evaluation for Caitlin to get her to qualify for group therapy. First we thought she really needed it especially because of her eating and she shows that she is behind but when they took it to the actual people who make the overall decision they said no until we get her a second opion. She did qualify according to the second opion evaluation. so now my actual coordinator needs to take it again to the actual board and get the real go ahead.
Fun huh. I really think she will benefit from group therapy. It works with everything to help her to speak,eat, fine motor skill just overall great. So pray that we do get in.
That's about all to report its harder to blog now and I guess I have been more lazy. But I need to do more defiantly. Caitlin's 2nd birthday is coming up in a couple months yikes. Can't believe she is going to be 2 already!!!! How time flies by!!