Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dr Check up for both kiddies today.

It was Dillon's 4 year old check up and Caitlin's 18 mos check up

Here are the stats--

Dillon 75 % for height and 90% for weight
44 1/2 inches tall----- 44 lbs!!!!
hearing is 100% and his eye sight is 20/30 for both eyes
Caitlin 5% for both weight and height
19 lbs exactly!!! 29 1/4 inches long!!!
Poor Dillon got 4 shots today and was not happy about that but he did really good. We told him we would let him pick out his favorite ice cream at the store for being good. He of course picked out spider man Popsicle's!!!! Caitlin didn't have any shots today lucky her!! Dr was very proud of how extremely well Caitlin is doing. We are going to try to get her off the milk of magnesia because he is not crazy about it. Nothing to different to report really Caitlin is starting to mimic words a little bit more. it is so funny because of course she says things on her terms and time lol
We don't have another checkup for Caitlin until she is 2 and Dillon until he is 5.
Well that's all!!!!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Quick Steps

Just a quickie. Caitlin took about 5-6 steps yesterday during physical thereapy and then again with daddy. Daddy kind of slows her down a bit because he gets nervous and wants to catch her all the time. Today we have been trying again (well with Dillon , doesn't quite work the same ) and she didnt want to take her steps. So its close. Maybe within a month she will be walking, maybe sooner, maybee later who knows but its coming!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Uh Oh!! They have been captured!!!!

Riding bike with Big Brother!!!!

Raghhhhhh I am gonna get you!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Now this is a happy girl!!!! She is like this all the time
Caitlin is starting to say a few more words of course when she feels like it but I know
she can say them. She knows how to say hi (hiiiiiiiiii as waving her hand)she now says
doggie(doooogieee) she will grab the phone and say ellllo(hello)she will say thank you every now and then. She can say bye here and there, eyes(eyyyyyyesss) Finally mama!!!!and of course sometimes she calls me MOM(what baby calls their Mommy mom??!??? It is very funny though because she will say it very quickly MoM lol she knows the word no but will put it together alot and say na na na na. She is really quite the quick crawler now and gets everywhere super quick. She walks around all the furniture like a pro so now we really are just working on walking. Hopefully it will come soon. She is eating a little better lately but I am now trying to start taking away as much bottle as she is in taking to try to get her more hungry for actual food. Normally what she takes in her bottle is oatmeal,carnation instant breakfast,milk,and whipping cream. She only gets that bottle at night before bed but I have now taken all the oatmeal from her other bottles and will eventually take away the other things(maybe keep whipping cream)I just think that she is filling to much on her bottles now and I want her to be hungry for food. I know she is going to be at her own growth curve which I think I am actually starting to be OK with. I was trying to get as much calories in her as I could and it worked since we got her up to 18 lbs. She is just going to be petite at least for now and that's OK. She is actually starting to get rolls now on her little thighs and more of a solid tummy. She looks so cute. Her hair is starting to really grow now but the little booger doesn't like keeping her hair clips or anything I put in her hair on. I can do her hair and not even 5 minutes later she has her clips in her mouth. Literly I have to do her hair about 10 times a day. One day she will keep them in!!! That's it though nothing else to report on

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Uh Oh someone got some chocolate!!!!

Caitlin's favorite thing to do is go through the videos. This time she got them all out!!!

I thought I had posted Caitlin's new weight but I guess not. oooops. Anyway we had her weight check last week and she is now 18lbs 2 1/2 oz and 28 1/2 inches long!!!! She gained a pound in a half in a month!!!! i couldn't belieive it. She is doing good. she isn't however having the best last couple weeks of eating but hopefully we will get there again soon. We gave her a little break from her periactin(hunger medicine0 cause it seems like she is somewhat getting use to it and it is not working as well. Thats about it for updates. We are really trying to work on walking right now. Hopefully it will be soon. Her younger friends are already walking so she's gotta catch up to em!!!!!