Sunday, September 07, 2008

P.S Post about potty training

Quick post to ask for any good tips on potty training!! I would love to really start potty training Caitlin. I got her favorite candy's (peanut m&m's) as a reward and we will put her on the potty but I need help. I of course know the basics and what to do but anyone at all have good advice on what they did or are doing?? Would love some feedback!!!!!!

Dillon's First Day At School and more.....

Crazy girl!!!!!

Just before walking out the door for first day!!!!

Quick pictures before we leave for school!!!
Dillon right before going into class
Caitlin giving big brother hugs after he is done with school
All done with our first day of school!!!!!!

Dillon's first day of kindergarten was on Wed September 3!!!
He did great. Of course he did. He does great with anything. He does not have trouble with changes at all. You can put him in any situation pretty much and he adapts really well. He likes his school and his new teacher. I don't think he is quite getting the whole school thing though like that this is a forever thing now and he has to go. The other day he said can't he just stay home with me today and I said nope you in with the big boys now its mandatory stuff now. He'll get the hang of it soon. then today when I told him its a school night and tomorrow its school again he got excited. However he rather buy lunch then take it , I didn't think this faze started yet but I guess it does so we have made lunches much more exciting for him now and told him that he could buy lunches every Friday. See we met in the middle !!! Can't wait to see how much he is going to learn this year and what a difference one year will make.

Onto Caitlin now. We went for our check up with the endocrinologist on Thursday. Went good, Caitlin weighs 22lb12oz and was 34 inches long. But..... because now she gained the couple inches in a short time now we have to test her to make sure she is not growing to fast. Its hard its to slow one minute then to fast the next. I don't get it but its OK rolling with the punches. I understand the reasoning behind it. And its only precautionary because if a child grows to rapid as well then it can be early signs of prematurity which can make other things come along faster such as even bone growth and can make the bone pallets close to early and actually stop more growth later on. Its all complicated sometimes but I get it. We do have to have some more labs drawn on her which I really hate doing but I have to say she is such a champ she really is.

Not development wise she is doing well. Like I say probably in all my post her talking is getting better and better by the day. She talks alot and ask alot of questions such as what's that, what's that noise and ect....... She ask if certain people are coming and its funny because just watching her say that it looks like she puts so much thought and concentration in that sentence. She will look at me and if dad isn't with us she will concentrate and ask me "Mommie, Daddy coming too?" then normally I will say no daddy is at work then she goes ohhhhh daddy at work?? and the end of her sentences is always higher pitched. Another thing and her it comes is I think terrible two's have hit us and they have hit us hard. She likes to tell me no, likes to run for me and thinks it is hilarious, will tantrum with the best of them. Likes to do everything opposite of what I tell her and get brother in trouble at times. Will not stop asking for what she wants until she gets it as well. she is determined and girlfriend knows what she wants!!Oh and yes can't forget to mention that she thinks she is a break dancer. Everywhere we are all of a sudden she will just get on the floor start dancing and then go on her hands and start throwing her feet up in the air waving em around like she don't care ohhhh ohhhhhhh.

3 more months till December then Caitlin will be 3. She will start getting evaluated through the school district soon to see what her needs will be. I have already spoken to one of the directors and asked for certain things to be looked at and evaluated so that she will get the things that she needs help with so we will see.

Well that's about it for now still same old stuff for the most part just getting older and bigger. Oh one accomplishment we made over the weekend was Caitlin was able to eat apples!!! she had three slices yesterday without spitting them out. She ate the whole slices!!3 slices!!! This is a major deal for us because as much as she loves those darn things she couldn't quite figure out had to swallow those little puppies. So another milestone marked off!!!