Monday, July 30, 2007

How many times have I vacuumed today?????????????? 4 times!!!! 4 Times!!!!!!
Ok maybe 2 is OK here and there but 4 times is alot. I vacuum and then here comes Dillon with some crackers ,
Mommy-"Dillon not in the living room"
Dillon-"Ok Mommie" Vacuum 1
Mommy- "Dillon!!! Did you give Caitlin those crackers??""Yeahhhhh, I sharing ;0)"
Mommy- ughhhhhhh wahhhhhh "Dillon not in the living room I just vacuumed!!!"
Dillon-"Sooooorrrry Mommy" Vacuum # 2
Mommy-"Dillon did you get crackers again??????????"
Dillon-"But Mommy I hungry, reallly really hungry,see my tummy (as he rubs his belly)my tummy is really reallly hungry"
Mommy- "Please listen Dillon, your making mommie sad by not listening and I don't want to vacuum anymore"
Dillon"Sorrrrrrrrryyyyyy Mommy, I reallly sorrrrry"
Vacuum # 3

Dillon- (after not bringing anymore crackers)"See Mommy, I listening,see I a good boy, see see, I listening"
Mommy- "Thank you Dillon!!!"
Dillon- "Your Melcom!!!!!!!"

Vacuum # 4- Who knows where what came from where lol

And that folks is part of my day!!!!

I am not sure if I posted this or not (sorry I forget alot!!!)
Caitlin is now off her Zantac!!!Yeah. So now we are only giving her 1 medicine as oppose to 5 she was in taking before. It seemed like forever but it finally came.
Now the only one she takes is her Periactin to help increase her hunger. She gets 5 ml of that a night and we even skip some nights to give her a little break so she doesn't get to immune to it and used to it. She is officially walking, and when I say walking I mean walking!!! She is so cute. She gets around so darn good. She turns and everything. I love the way she gets up it is so cute. She of course falls here and there but hey, I still fall even now and then. She thinks she is the coolest thing ever. Before she used to race after me following me into the kitchen and all over the house crawling but now she just walks herself over with a big ol smile. I seriously wasn't sure when this day would come. I mean we waited 19 1/2 mos for this!!! It was def worth the wait though. Well I think that's about it for now. I need to take some more pictures soon, not that I don't take them like everyday all day so I will post some soon. Today I took a picture of her walking away from me without her diaper. She has the tiniest littlest butt, it is so funny watching this little 19 pounder run away from you bare naked screaming with excitement because she gets to take a bath. I just love it. Yeah about that bath thing???!!! Did I mention she loves taking baths in the big bath tub now. I ask her every night, You wanna take a bath and right away her head starts nodding yes so fast. Put it this way she crys because I can't get her cloths off fast enough for her to get in. My water baby!!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Baby Girl Walking!!

My Babies (troublemakers!!!!)

Caitlin is doing really well with her walking. Today she has been walking around the house alot.

I love when she will stand up all by herself frm a sitting position. It takes her a couple times to get up but it is so cute and funny. Its amazing to see her finally walking. It seemed like this day would never come and finally here it is.

I can't believe in about another 5 months she is going to be 2 years old!! Holy Moly !!!Where did the time go.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Caitlin's a big girl now

Caitlin is a little stinker now and days. She thinks she is so smart knowing how to crawl up our little stool we have in the bathroom so Dillon can wash his hands and brush his teeth. Caitlin sees it done so much that she now will go in there all by herself and do whatever she feels like. She is super fast at it to mind you. So normally we will catch her just looking at herself in the mirror or even have caught her brushing her hair, but this time she is brushing her own teeth!!! That a girl !!! And yes I promise, this is her doing everything on her own we are just lucky to catch it on camera

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Caitlin's Officially Walking and more.....................

Dillon's Swimming lessons!!!

Caitlin in Time -Out. She was not so happy!!!!

Caitlin's First haircut!!!!!!!!

Caitlin is now walking pretty much officially. I can actually set her down and she will walk quite a bit. She is still a little wobbly but she is taking a good 20 steps or so. And even better yesterday for her physical therapy was the first time she actually got up all by herself from sitting to standing. She kept doing this yesterday to. So she is hitting all of her milestones with flying colors. Hey it only took 19 mos not bad!!!
Also Today was Caitlin's first haircut. We kept putting it off but I finally had to just go do it. Her hair is getting long but she would have some really long pieces then some really short pieces so we evened it all up. She did not cry at all. She really enjoyed it actually. She sat in a little car watching barney and just sat there really well and very cooperative!!! Its a bit short but it will grow soon.

Another thing to is Dillon started his swimming lessons this week and is doing awesome. He actually is doing really well, listening super good to his teacher and doing everything they teach him to do. He is taking the class with his twin friends that he has been friends with since they were about 1 years old. They do really good!!!