Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Caitlin in her Car seat now

Caitlin in her car seat when she first came home

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Caitlin is doing a little better still lots coming out from the back end but we are hoping it will get better soon. She doesn't have much of an appetite right now which not so good because she can't really afford to lose anymore weight. We should be doing the Upper GI soon to see if we can find out if anything is going on inside to make her not want to eat most of the time.
Dillon started Gymnastics on Tuesday. Caitlin was so amused watching all the kids tumble around and even clapped while they and some of the kiddie music on.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Caitlin with Pigtails!!!!!!

Caitlin loves going under the coffee table
Caitlin is wearing one
of my old baby dresses
so a good 27 years old!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Good Update!!!!!
Its official. Caitlin showed no kidney stones!!!! I called this morning to
see the what the results were from her U/S and KUB and Dr said both came back negative
Happy Birthday to me!!!! Its my birthday today so its a good birthday present!!
We now are able to take her off her two medicines which I am so happy about because they have been kind of hard giving them to her lately because she likes to fight us on it.
Ok so now bummer news is Caitlin is sick. I am not sure if it is her new medicine we just started, something that didn't agree with her tummy or she just has a viral infection.
We took her last night to the Dr just to see what was going on. She had 102.8 temp before I took her but of course went down to 98.6 when we got there. Doesn't that always happen? They do so bad at home but as soon as you call or go to the Dr they are just fine but as soon as you leave again bad again. Ahhhhhhh the fun of that. Caitlin was throwing up a lot yesterday and started getting diarrhea not really wanting to eat to much. Then woke up at about 2 am with really bad diarrhea so I tried giving her a little bit of some water (not crazy about pedilyte)and pureed some bannas for her to try and help her a bit. She in took a little bit of the bananas and went back to bed. She seems to be doing a bit better today. She hasn't really gone poop(runny)today and only has spit up a little bit. She is not to hungry though either(not good for our weight) When we did take her in though she did get weighed and she was 16 lb11oz so that's good.!!
We have Nephrologist Apt this week to so I am curious what they have to say.

Caitlin was trying to escape her saucer!!!!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Dr Updates:
OK So Thursday we had our Appointment with the Gastro Dr(for Reflux) and it went good.
We are going to get an Upper GI done to see if there is something going on internally, waiting to schedule that one when I hear from Dr's office.
Then we are adding Duo-Cal-
to Caitlin's Food to add some extra calories(yep lots of money!!)Also we are adding butter to her food as well for some extra calories. We are going to try to wean off our Reglan again but slowly. So this week I will be giving her 3 doses a day then the following down to 2 a day and so on. Hopefully she will do good with that since it will be slower weaning then what we did last time when she didn't do well at all. Also she got weighed again and actually was 16 lbs 7 oz!! I even had them weigh her twice since the day before the scale said she only weighed 16 lbs even. I was very excited. OK so that was that appointment we will go back for a re-check in a few weeks.

15 mos Check-up appointment- We really are 16 lbs 7 oz!! Also we are 27 1/2 inches long. Growing Growing!! Poor baby girl got 3 shots but was fine right after it was over but then to top it off I had to go get her regular 3 mos blood draw for her kidney stones and she was not to happy but again once it was over it was like nothing ever happened. She did do really well at both her appointments. Nothing to much of a change for this check - up. Oh forgot to put also that Caitlin is also starting another medicine to help increase her appetite. I give it to her 1 x a day a little bit before bed because it is suppose to make her sleepy. Dr's said she will probably sleep longer but honestly she already sleeps really well. Of course when I say this it seems as though next couple weeks she starts waking up again but hey maybe not this time. She normally goes to bed about 7 pm and lately has been waking up anywhere between 7:30-8 am. Yep very nice!!
The medicine is called Cyproheptadine. I really hope it works. If I don't see any real difference in the next couple weeks then I will talk to Dr about just taking her off because really how many medicines can can a gal be on????Including Reglan (hopefully ending in the next couple weeks)
she will be on 5 different medicines. 4 of them are 2 x a day and that not including her vitamins(so really 6)
I am also waiting to hear from her Urologist as well to see whats going on with her kidney stones. I am really hoping that her kidney stones are gone like the u/s tech said so we can possibly take her off the 2 medicines she is on for that. These medicines I think are the hardest for me to give to her because she will either spit it out or end up puking it out some days. She really hates these 2. I really have to fight her on these.
Well that's it. She is getting cuter and cuter by the day. She is really pulling herself up on things,if only she could get down by herself. She realizes she is stuck and starts whining for anybody to come save her. She babbles alot. Pretty much Dada(little stinker)but hey it something. she has a love/hate relationship with Dillon. Sometimes she loves him to pieces and can't be without him and other times she wants nothing to do with him and tries to push him away.
Its starting to get much warmer finally. I love knowing that i can take Caitlin out and not worry about her getting sick from it being to cold. I love her in her cute summer clothes. I can't wait till we are bale to get to the beach this summer. We already have our bathing suits ready and are super cute summer hats. Just a couple months away!!!!

Also it is getting closer to our Walk America time so please help sponsor us for our Walk to help prematurity and help for our preemies to survive!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is our site!!
Walk America

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Quick update- Caitlin is 16lbs today so we gained an ounce from last month. They made us weigh her twice so Second time she was 16lb 1 oz. So kind of a bummer but atleast she is not loosing!!!!!

Balloon Fun!!!!!!

Caitlin Loves Ballons!!!!! she will grab it anyway she can!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Dillon and his new Lady Friend ;0)

Daddy and Dillon shooting bad guys in Buzz Light Year Ride

Mommy,Daddy, and Caitlin at Disney Land

Daddy and Dillon

Caitlin just hanging out

Caitlin had her Renal and bladder U/S as well as her KUB(X-Ray of abdomen)today. Guess what!!!! The U/S tech said she didn't see any stones at all. She really isn't suppose to give me info of course but hey atleast I can feel good for now. I can't wait to hear from the Dr to see if we really don;t have stones anymore. Either the medicine had disolved them or she might have passed them and maybe they got real small. The tech said if she would have passed them she would have been in alot of pain but really she hasn't been in any and Caitlin is usually always happy. She hasn't even been real bad while teething either. She is now working on getting a couple more teeth in!! Ok so we have our 2 top teeth in all the way now. The tooth right next to the top tooth is laready poked through and is a bit out and we are getting 1 bottom tooth in whihc has already pocked out!!! Yeah. I was waiitng for this day which seems like forever but now that they are here it kind of makes me sad because it means she is really growing up and she is getting to be a little girl.(little for sure lol)

We have quite the busy week this week also. Tomorrow we are getting blood work done and urine culture. Wed we have Synagis(RSV Shot) Thursday we finally get to go see the Gastro Dr!!! (YEEESSS!!)This will help see whats going on with Caitlin's Reflux and hopefully to see why she isn't wanting to eat much. Friday we have our Peditrician 15 mos check up!!!
We are going to get weight checks also which i am always excited to see what her weight is.

Things we are working on right now are:
Trying to learn how to walk
Learning how to get from a standing position to sitting
Stacking blocks on top of each other
Eating better
and cleaning the house(ok last one not yet but hey would be nice)

Things we are doing super good at are :
Getting up all by herself
Going from sitting to crawling
Patty Cake(we like to clap)
When ever you say Good Job Caitlin she claps also
Sweet talking Daddy into doing anything Ms.Caitlin wants
Throwing Tantrums for Mommie when we don't get our way.
Sweet talking Daddy into doing anything Ms.Caitlin wants
holding ou bottle like a big girl

Its funny what a daddy's girl Caitlin is. She can be completly fine playing by herself for a little while or just hanging out with Mom but once she see's Daddy she melts and lets daddy do everything for her and suddnly she doesn't remember how to do certain things lol

Ohhh Ohhh I almost forgot. We went to Disney Land with the kids and they had a great time. Dillon actually went on some pretty big rides and loved them
He went on tower of terror(I didn't even go on that) Space Mountain. The matterhorn(SP?)
and some others. Caitlin went on Pirates of the Carribien and she did really well. I wasn't sure how she would handle the down hill water but she did great.

Well thats it. Can't wait for our weight checks!!!!!!!