Thursday, March 20, 2008

Great day!!!!

This is Caitlin's Favorite thing to do is put stickers on her face!! She loooves and I mean loves stickers. She will stick them all over herself but her face being her favorite!!!!!

Today was a great day!!! First off Dillon is an official big boy!!! Today Dillon learned how to ride his bike with no training wheels!!!! I had to go run some errands so I told Daddy today's the day you are going to teach Dillon how to ride his bike( Dillon was non stop asking so we said OK)So I was gone for about an hour or so and when I came driving down the street there was Dillon riding his bike all by himself!!!! What a big boy!!!!

Then one of our therapist from Caitlin's school and her daughter surprised us today and came over and brought the kids Easter presents !!!! I loved it so much and hey, any adult conversation is definitely welcome( you stay at home moms know exactly what I am talking about!!)I was just so happy because it was totally unexpected and the kids were so excited and loved it so much and had so much fun so Thank You Therese, We love you!!!!!!

Then We got another surprise from my best friend a little bit later. Yesterday was my birthday so she came over today to surprise me with my favoritist ice cream Cold stone creamery and a gift!!! I don't think she has ever gotten a surprise over me before but today she did, Thanks Friend, Your the best!!!!!

OK so tomorrow is our ENT appointment along with Caitlin's hearing test. Keep us in your prayers!!! I think she is going to pass the hearing test with flying colors so we shall see. We will find out how the sleep study went and the results from her X-Rays of her Adenoids.

I will post tomorrow and try to get some big boy bike pictures up also!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sleep Study update

This is Caitlin pocketing her food. Nice big ol ball. I don't remember what she was eating here but this is our everyday. Sometimes she does great other times she forgets she has anything in her mouth

We had Caitlin's sleep study last Wednesday. It was quite the evening.

First off I have to say we had an awesome tech. He was super patient and super friendly and playful with Caitlin. He kept commenting on Caitlin's behavior saying that she is one of the best baby's that have come for a sleep study. When he was getting all the wires and attachments and putting them on Caitlin she was being so good and letting him do what he needed to do.

We got there about 8 pm and were taken care of right away. I wish I would have brought my camera to take pictures of everything she had on her but I didn't so once she was wired up it took me awhile to get her to fall asleep. She is used to going to bed the same time as Dillon and they normally fall asleep together. So about 10 pm she finally fell asleep but kept coughing we had another cold.

so she fell asleep for a little bit but then guess what happened!!??? She was coughing and then ended up throwing up all over. I felt so bad for her. She had wires all over her, she was throwing up it was such a bummer. I am glad she did as well though because that is how Caitlin is able to get alot of her mucous out(sorry I know gross)

The tech came in and was so good. He just kept handing me towels and comforting her and me as well. I always feel really bad when this happens in public or what have you because I feel like people get so grossed and don't understand as much. He asked if we wanted to try another day I said no because to be honest Caitlin gets a lot of colds right now. I can't wait for summer time because we have been sick so much this winter. So point being I could have rescheduled for another time but there would not have been a guarantee she would be 100% healthy

We were already there it was late and I knew since she did throw up it wasn't going to happen again and she would do alot better.

So we had to take off all her wires change her into another set of pj's and start from square 1

by the time we got her all done it was probably close to 1 am.

She slept a little bit better but would kind of toss a bit here and there and so I had to make sure that she would not get tangled up so I got about maybe an hour of sleep.

so didn't go quite as I had hoped for but because we had a very patient and understanding tech I felt good.

we find out her results of her sleep study this Friday as well as her X-Rays for her Adenoids

We also do our hearing test this Friday as well. So we should know if we are going to need surgery or not.

Other then that we are doing great!!! Caitlin seems like she is really starting to put words together. She says I don't want it and she tells me what she wants. If I sneeze she will say Bless You Mommy, I say Thank You she says Welcome!!

When I come to get her from somewhere or when she wakes up she says Hi mommy!!!!! or Hi Diddon!!!! She likes to talk on the phone and loves to pretend to put on make-up. She loves to test you as well she will look right at you while she is doing something naughty and smile.

Dillon is doing well to. Since we have moved all he wants to do is play outside and ride his scooter. He wants to get a skateboard because everyone else has one so that's one thing we are debating on.

I leave them alone for 1 second!!!!

Yep this is what happend at dinner time when I left them alone really quick
They decided to throw food at each other and Caitlin thought it would be a great hair and face mask. The table got it, the wall got it, and Dillon got it. Then after I am trying to figure out just where to start, Caitlin decied to throw Dillon's Chocolate milk on the floor. ;0)

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Saturday, March 01, 2008


ENT report -
Will try and post some pictures for later but wanted to jot this down before I forget

We took Caitlin to see an ENT last week but weren't to happy with him. He recommended Caitlin get an Adenoid x-ray and he wanted her to go back on her reflux meds the Zantac, as well as her Reglan plus some nasonex. Whenever I would ask him questions about anything he told me he just wouldn't really give me an answer so basically I walked out of there with no conclusion. The reason we are seeing an ENT is that Caitlin's gag reflux has been really bad lately. If you give her meds just a pinch to fast (which isn't fast at all but for her it is) then out comes a coughing attack which then leads to a whole bunch of vomit. She sips the water wrong same thing happens, anything can set off her gag. Which you would think of course it does but its super slow for most but fast for her. Her chewing is still not all there but we are working on it. Caitlin can't eat things like chicken or gummie stuff. Chicken just balls up and she ends up spitting it out and gummie snacks , well they just don't get chewed. She does well with some crunchy things but she still likes to pocket her food and then you have ask her for it and out it comes.
OK back to ENT reasons. Also Caitlin has been quite the snoring gal. She is pretty loud I must say and also she does breath through her mouth alot. So those are the reasons for seeing good ol ENT. OK so this ENT guy we saw I just didn't trust him with Caitlin he seemed to cocky and I tried to imagine him doing surgery on Caitlin and that was a NOT!!!!!
So end result of him I didn't put Caitlin on those meds. Until I had a full reasoning why then I wasn't going to go there.

OK so fast forward to this week. We saw a different ENT and looooved him!!! He was awesome. He went through everything in perfect detail and did more of a thorough exam on Caitlin. He checked her ears really well even used like a little air thingy to really open them up and get a clear picture. She does have fluid in her ears which seems like most of the time she does but we always thought it was because she was sick and during this winter was pretty much all the time with some kind of cold. We are also getting an Adenoid X-ray but I felt more comfortable coming from this Dr and the reasons why. Caitlin is also getting a sleep study done as well as a hearing test. See told you he was good. He just wants to do everything to see whats going on with Caitlin.
So I think her hearing is good because she does respond really well but you never know.
So if Caitlin's Adenoids are to big then we would possibly have to remove them and also we may be having to put tubes in her ears so they would drain properly. we will find out in 6 weeks which seems like forever but I am sure it will come fast. I am not sure when the sleep study is going to be because I am having to wait for them to call me to see when to schedule that.
About the Reflux meds we maybe would have to put her back on but he actually gave me reasons for that and didn't blow me off. But he said we would wait that one out for our next appointment and go from there.

Caitlin is doing really well other then that. She is happy all the time and sassy girly girl. The other day she was putting her leg on Dillon and Dillon wasn't in the mood so he kept telling Caitlin moooove , so Caitlin did and as she did she looks at Dillon and says BABY, yep she called him a baby. Super funny. Also today Dillon was bugging her this time and she told him so clearly Go Away. She speaks alot with us some of the stuff she says is so funny. Sometimes you can't always understand her but she can some how get her point across. The funny thing is she won't really talk to anybody else. When we are at public places like church or when she is at group she is kind of mute. She won't talk to much, so maybe she is shy who knows but I wish she would talk a little bit more.

On the therapy front. we did just get approved for an additional hour of speech therapy.
So now we do her global program(which works on all skills) 2 1/2 hours 3 x a week then we have an additional hour 1 x a week for just pure OT that includes feeding therapy. Now on top of that we are getting the extra hour of just speech so we should be doing super good in no time

Dillon is having fun at our new house. We just moved this last month to something a little bigger and there are tons of kids on our street so all day Dillon wants to be outside playing on his scooter and bike with his new friends.
So that's it ,that's whats going on will update when we find out more about all of our appointments and will try to post some pictures later on