Monday, August 27, 2007

Pooooops on the potty

Caitlin's toilet seat- We got Caitlin a potty chair. It is a little one but the cool thing is that when she is ready she can transition onto the big potty with the smaller chair. She actually went pooops in her little toilet today though. I did of course take a picture but thought maybe know one really wanted to see that( ahh cmon!!)Anyway her first poopey on the potty was today. I don't think she really knew what happened per say but she did it and me and Dillon did a little dance for her and clapped. Funny thing is that Dillon knows I take pictures of everything he decided to get out his fisher price camera and take pictures before me ;0)
Training him early!!!Anyway we will continue to put Caitlin on the potty here and there and as she gets bit more older we will be more on top of it. This is what we did with Dillon and he was trained at 2 1/2

Caitlin after a long day, my tired girl

Sunday, August 26, 2007

NOTE to self: Lose weight!!!!!

My sister came down from out of town over the weekend and it was lots of fun. She actually showed me a couple things for Caitlin that I thought to myself, why didn't I think of that. Caitlin is still very much a hard eater. She will eat some things pretty good but we do still have a little bit of issues with textures. So anyway to get a great amount of calories in her my sister showed me to puree the chef boyardee lasagna's and those kind of foods, i thought to myself duhhhhhhhhhhhh. Caitlin is still somewhat on baby food stage 2 she will eat some finger foods but if I really want her to eat and know how much she is really in taking it does have to be purred. She loved it though and compared to Gerber that only has 90 calories lasagna has 220 I believe. Beans and wienies have 320!!!and she eats the whole serving!!! Her daughters were also preemies and have a combination of Cerebral Palsy and Autism. They are the most beautiful little girls!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Look how long she is getting!!!!

Had a weight check on both the kiddies yesterday.
Caitlin is 20 lbs exactly!! Holy Moly we finally made it to 20lbs!!!!!
She is also 28 1/2 inches long. Little shorty but I think she is so cute!!!!

Dillon weighed 48 lbs and is 41 inches long both are great!!!!!!

I am needing opions here. I am going to make This blog into a book when Caitlin hits 2 years old. I found a website that helps make blogs into a hardcover
I think it will be so awesome for her to see how far she came and everything she has been through. Thank goodness I started this blog because honestly I forget everything that has happened and I myself enjoy scrolling down to the beginning and remembering how small she was, when she did all her first things and just re watching her grow and looking at her now. Anyway I am really not sure how many people we still have keeping up on us and how many hits we get still. So my question is do you all want this blog updated still after 2 years. If so please leave your comments and let us know. It is set for anyone who would like to leave a comment. I am just not sure whether or not to have it password protected and have it a little more private so I need your input here whether or not to keep it open.
So let us know!!!!!

So anyway on the Caitlin front she is walking so good. She gets up so fast and is starting to really jabber alot. She will just look at you and start jibbering and jabbering like she is totally speaking in English and you completely understand her.
OK so I wanted to put more but I have both on me wanting to play. So don't forget to leave your comments.