Saturday, February 28, 2009

Still Here!!!

Here's Charlie!!!

Caitlin and Hannah!!!

Were still here!! Its been super hard to update part lazy, part just plain old busy.
Were searching to move to buy something and Caitlin and Dillon have been wild animals!!!
There isn't anything Caitlin can not so now. She is doing super great and Thank God we really haven't been sick!!!! Caitlin is officially potty trained accidents here and there but for the most part we are done!! yeahhhhhhh. Dillon is doing really good in school looks like math is going to be is super talent. We also got a new addition to our family , We got ourselves a dog!! What were we thinking I have no idea but he's here and he's here to stay!!! His name is Charlie and I love love the way Caitlin will say his name.
Its normally no no Charlie
You so silly Charlie and charlie no biting with a big smack on his face lol
There isn't anything Caitlin can not say she talks to me like a little adult its the cutest and the things she will say sometimes is hilarious!! She also has herself some good ol attitude and will let me know what she thinks quite bluntly!! Also our last weight she was 24 lbs and I want to say 35 inches?? I normally write these things down right away and I totally spaced out. still petite but very healthy so I ain't worried in the least bit.
So that's it for now wanted to write really quick.......