Saturday, September 22, 2007

Caitlin eating (not)

Here is a video of Caitlin and what our eating time is like. In some of it it looks like I am forcing her to eat(adding more food when not necessary)but just wanted to video how much food she actually keeps in her mouth. Caitlin most of the time will hold her food in her mouth on both sides of her cheek. Whenever we eat she always gets so nervous and stressed out from it. It isn't one of her favorite things to do. I don't get it sometimes though because she will eat a Dorito no problem and some other things but most foods(lunch,dinner,breakfast) she cries and just doesn't want to eat.
Also Caitlin is sick. Another ear infection on top of it. The Dr at our urgent care did say that she had fluid in her ears and I have always thought maybe she did have some fluid in there but never knew. This is her 4th ear infection so I think I am going to talk to her Dr about seeing an actual ear,throat,nose specialist( I know there's a name but forget lol)Also we are going to start group therapy classes for Caitlin in a couple weeks to see if will help get her caught up on some of her motor skills. Also I think this will really help with her eating so I am excited. She is going to go 3x a week and Dillon just went back to school to so it looks like I am going to have some free time on my hands hmm what to do.
I have a list of where she is at motor wise but will have to post that later.

Spider Girl!!

Caitlin wanted so badly to put Dillon's Spiderman outfit on. She basically would not stop pulling on me until it was on and signing please forever