Friday, June 06, 2008

Long time no post. Its been almost 2 months since I haven't posted. So sorry. Reason behind it is laziness and being super busy with appointments. Caitlin has had quite the appointments lately. We had a weight check a bit ago and Caitlin was still on the low end just barely in the 21 lbs mark so our Dr decided that it would be a good idea to see an endocrinologists. What is that you say for some who don't know they are specialist that work with hormone levels. We had to get a full blood panel on Caitlin to rule out she was not missing her growth hormone. The Dr we are seeing is awesome I have to say. She is very patient,understanding, very informative and when I need to call her and ask her a question she calls back in like 5 minutes!!! So we took Caitlin in we went over her growth curve ( Caitlin is not even on the growth chart)and all that fun stuff. We did a weigh in on her and Caitlin was 22lbs 3 oz and just right below 32 inches tall. So we had to go in and get about 7 vials of blood work and a bone x-ray to see how all of her levels were and if her bones matched up with her age. 2 weeks later we go to see our results and everything came out normal. Bone X-ray is normal and she is not lacking her growth hormone. We are a little high in the estrogen level but that will be something we will keep an eye on.
Caitlin had lost about 13 oz in weight though in two weeks so then she went down to 21.6 lbs. She had been sick though so we were blaming it on that and we were having a tough couple weeks of not eating that much. But the good news of that is we had to go for Dillon's 5 year old check up and of course I always bring Caitlin so we can have a weight check and Caitlin went right back up and then some. She weighed at 22lbs 12 oz so she gained quite a bit. I started adding whipping cream again to all of her cups of milk for a little extra boost and it sure did help!!!

Dillon's 5 year check up went good as well. He passed his vision and hearing test and weighed 48 lbs and is 44 inches tall. However he wanted to kick the Dr's butt once he saw the shots. He was really trying to get away and even tried punching the Dr a couple times but once he got them he was OK and he got ice cream for being such a big boy.

OK so we are also going to be seeing a genetics Dr in a couple weeks for a bit more stuff and also we will be having to see our gastro Dr again at the end of the month. We will see if her weight is really a big issue. The good thing is that the endocrinologists says that at least Caitlin is very healthy,happy and very energetic and that's a great sign even though she is on the small side. We were almost having to really talk about growth hormones to help her in the growing part. Her Dr is possibly predicting that Caitlin's height at grown age will be about 5'1 or so give or take. To me its not so bad. I can't imagine giving her shots every single day for who knows how long just to get her to grow a few more inches and Dr agreed as well. She said we can just keep an eye and see how things are going and Caitlin is still really young so we still have time to intervene if absolutely necessary.

So mentally Caitlin is doing really well. She is actually speaking sentences now. Sometimes not so clear but she is trying. One example of a sentence is Diddon hit me ( Dillon hit me) she is quite the tatta teller now. She is able to tell me now when she is hungry and when she is full its really cute. Also she can tell me things she wants like apple or grapes.

Dillon is getting ready to start kindergarten in September so we are trying to prepare him for that with practicing our letters and numbers. We are most likely going to be putting Caitlin in preschool when she turns 3 because once she turns 3 she gets let go of early intervention and I don't want her to go with a gap in between school because I don't want her to fall behind. So downside to that is Caitlin needs to be fully potty trained by 3 years old. We are working on it here and there but she doesn't find much interest in it right now. We did however get her to poopie on the toilet the other day cause I was able to catch her right before. Mental wise though i am just not sure if she quite gets it yet but i am really going to be going full force on it probably come October. She will be closer to 3 and I think she will be able to comprehend a bit more. So that's about it. I don't like going this long without posting because I feel so behind now. Will post once we have our other Dr appointments though.

Oh almost forget to jot down. Caitlin is an offical big girl now. We have moved from our crib into a toddler bed. We got it a couple weeks ago and she loves it so much. She looks super cute in it. The funny thing Dillon never liked his toddler bed. I could not really get him to sleep in it he just didn't like it. Caitlin loves her bed. She sleeps super good in it for night time and day naps. I wasn't sure if I would have trouble with her getting out alot but she stays in it really well. I haven't downloaded pictures of her bed yet but will hope to do that in the next few days.

OMG and another thing almost forgot to add. We got us a kitty cat. Poor kitty has not been left alone since the day I brought him home. He is truely loved by the kids. Dillon carries him around all over the place on his shoulder like the cats a baby and Caitlin has down a few picking up herself.