Saturday, October 18, 2008

updates a long time coming

I have definitely slacked on here that's for sure!!! Just been keeping busy with Dillon an Caitlin. Dillon has started getting homework and we have been reading lots. Caitlin has been attached to my hip and is following me everywhere I go right now. She has her fazes. Sometimes she wants only daddy but right now its mommy faze. We went to the Dr on Thursday to get our flu shots and Caitlin weighs 23 lb 6oz so we are gaining and keeping steady.

We have started to do the whole school district process. Once Caitlin turns 3 she gets released from early intervention and then the school district has to take over. A few months back I was really sad to be leaving her global program knots in my throat and everything. I am going to miss her being where she is at right now. She loves it there. I think though I have had time to process it and I am still super sad but I think I am getting a little more better and coming to terms with it. So a couple weeks back we had our first appointment with the school so they can let us know what things were going to happen and all the evaluations she was going to get then once that is done we will see what she will qualify for. So far we have had our school nurse visit and our speech visit. Caitlin got tested on so many things. She didn't get completely scored yet we will find out where exactly she is at once we have our final meeting but the speech therapist did say some what of where she was at. For some of the expressive she was testing at about 24-29 months which is not to far off but for some of her receptive language she was able to get some of the stuff at a 4 1/2- 5 yr old level!! That's my smart girl. So over all she is doing good just a little work to be made and that's all. Also the school physcologist( the one who is basically in charge of the whole shabang) came and watched her on Friday at her global program I of coursed voiced some of my concerns about some of Caitlin's social skills. Now don't get me wrong when Caitlin wants to socialize she definitely can but a lot of times she will get real quite and sometimes will get nervous and her little palms will sweat. Well on Friday she showed none of that at all she was as happy as can be talking and being super silly. Kids always have a way of making you look like you have no idea what you are talking about and love to make you look stupid lol its happen to me a gazillion times but that's OK!! we have another meeting on Tuesday so they can asses her for development and then we are going to get assessed for occupational therapy and adaptive P.E once that is done we will know where we are at. She turns 3 December 14th so we have about a month in half left for everything. I am thinking we will most likely get speech services but not sure if we will get anything else. Caitlin is super smart and doing exceptionally well. I really don't have to many concerns for her. I think she is going to do great in school and whatever she sets out to do. She might need a little extra help here and there but overall doing great. As far as her socializing I think maybe she is just shy like her mommy. Caitlin has to really be comfortable with the person before she will shine her true colors which is super happy,energetic,hyper, silly, always jumping around and just so much fun. Now if she isn't comfortable with someone then she will shut down a little and won't really speak at all and gets really nervous. There are some people she is comfortable around right away and some people its takes awhile. I think its all in approach with her. She needs to be really talked to and to be handled gentle once she warms up to you then you can play rough with her but she has to be comfortable.

Now Dillon on the other hand doesn't need to time to warm up really he is easy going kid that can handle almost any situation. He can meet the person for the very first time and will find something to do with them. You can throw him with a new group of people and he is just fine
he just wants to do whatever they are doing. Dillon's new thing right now is asking everyone what their names are. We can be across the street from someone and he will say hey hey whats your name? He does it in the stores,parks, anywhere. I am trying to really teach him about strangers and not everyone is nice but he just loves everyone.

Nothing much else going on but just seem to be really busy with the kids lately, they have kept us super busy just wanting to play and read and do anything they can. We got a pass to a science center for the year and we have been doing fun stuff like that to.

I have been a little relaxed on picture taking lately so I am going to have to get busy doing that again so I can put some photos up soon.