Saturday, May 26, 2007

My New Climber!!!!!

Caitlin has learned how to escape her walker.She stands up on the seat and finds a way out, little stinker

Uh-Oh. already starting to ride on the handel bars!!!

Uh-Oh there goes trouble !!

Dillon's New big boy bike
My babies!!!

Dillon trying to do something ( who knows lol)

Daddy's little girl!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Birthday Boy and Miss Caitlin

Well Well Well. Caitlin got to go for another dentist check up. Her teeth look great and one of her molars is growing in the back and I didn't even notice it!!! I have to say she is such a good baby. She really hasn't fussed at all during her teething process so far. I remember with Dillon we definitely knew when he was teething. Not with Caitlin she is def taking it well. On the other hand Dillon also got his check up and he has 6 cavities!!!!! I couldn't believe it!!! So now we are going to have to take him in a couple weeks to go get some fillings. I really couldn't believe it!!!!!

Caitlin also had her eye exam and her eyes look great!!! He said that her left eye kind of shifts a little bit but they really look really great. I asked if he suspected she would need glasses later down the line. He said of course you never really know but from his point of view and between all her visits he really didn't think so. Yeahhhhh. I wouldn't mind of course but I am so glad her eyes are doing great. All the things that Dr's said would probably happen haven't!!!! she See's great, she hears great and just plainly she is doing great. We of course would love to see her eat more but hey you can't win them all huh !!

I am so extremely proud of Caitlin. she has accomplished a lot of things over the last couple weeks. She has finally learned how to walk around the table. Before she wasn't able to go around the corners on tables but now she can. She now knows how to go from a crawling position to sitting. This was a biggy one for us and I was so excited. She also is able to get her self down from things. She will be standing on the coffee table and then she backs up a little with her legs and also spreads them apart then will let herself go to fall on her tooshie. She looks so cute doing this. She does still get a little scared here and there but she really is catching on. I think she is pretty smart. She catches on to some things really well. For instance she knows how to color and actually loves to color. She saw us fanning ourselves with a little hand held fan and grabbed it from us and started to fan herself. Dillon just got a hot wheels car track and this morning she grabbed some of his cars and started putting them on the track and driving them!!!! Yes we have our self a smarty pants. I am just so proud of her. These are completely normal things that I guess you take for granted sometimes when you have a full term baby. I remember seeing Dillon accomplish these things and I would be so excited but I didn't realize really how important all these things were until we knew we needed to try to catch up. I am proud of both my kids of course!!! Dillon is an awesome little guy too. He is going into pre k in the next few months. Both my babies are growing up. Its very bitter sweet. I want to see them grow up and see everything they are going to accomplish and what they are going to do in life but at the same time I am going to miss them being small and so innocent and lovable. Dillon just got a big boy bike and watching him ride on his bike made me sad, it was like watching ever since he was a baby until now flash upon me so quickly ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Here are some pictures form Dillon's Birthday!!! Dillon is 4!!!!!! I can't believe it!!!

Pictures of the girls together Mia,Hannah, And Caitlin

We took Caitlin swimming for the first time and she wasn't to crazy about it.
Maybe next time she will like it a little bit more. I think the water was a little to chilly for her but it was a super HOT day!!!! She kept kind of screaming and kept complaining

Here is Caitlin after swimming she just sat there for awhile drying off. She hardly ever just sits in one spot lol

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Caitlin's first masterpiece

Caitlin can color!!! I was actually amazed that she was coloring. She knew what to do and kept doing it. Along with coloring her first coloring book she also decided to color her face as well. Hey a girl's gotta looks good right???!!!???!!!

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Caitlin and best friend Mia going for a ride
Caitlin was eating a sno cone and loved it.
You couldn't even take it away from her
without her getting very mad

After a long day at the park!!!!!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

We had a bit of an accident tonight. Daddy and Dillon were rough housing on the bed!! This is why they sing that song no monkeys jumping on the bed!!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Caitlin was getting a nice scalp treatment for nice soft hair!! olive oil with avacado, looks yummy huh!!

Been awhile!!!!

Well Caitlin had her GI appointment on friday and she is weighing at 16lb11oz and was 28 inches long. She gained a little. Her Dr added the periactin again but upped the dosage up to 4 ml instead of 2.5 ml. It actually seems like its working. Last time we were on it I really didn't see a difference in her eating but this time she is actually intaking a little bit more then normal.

Another thing is we have weened Caitlin off her reglan she is been almost 3 days without it and has done really well. I thought she would be really cranky like the last couple times we tried weening her off but she did good. She is spitting up a little bit more but hopefully it will get better.

Caitlin has a couple words now. She says dada,maaa, eyes and we think she trys to say thank you(daant doo)She is starting to walk better with us holding her by one hand and can walk pretty good using her walker. I will try to upload those videos tomorrow.

Anyway thats about it.