Friday, April 20, 2007

Well we have had good few days and then some bad few days. Caitlin was eating like a super star for about a week and then the last 3 or 4 days it just all of a sudden stopped!! She hasn't been in taking that much formula or pedisure and hasn't been in the mood to really munch on anything either. Hopefully we will get some good eating days going on here soon. It always makes me nervous and frustrated when she doesn't want to eat because I need her to gain some weight !!! The other day i tried giving her some green beans and she ate the whole jar pretty good and then next thing you know she is project vomiting the whole entire thing out. We are not just talking about little vomit here we are talking about flying 3 feet and shooting out of her mouth and every last drop vomit. Hate to say it but it looked like something out from a movie (yikes) The next day same thing also. We gave her some oatmeal with pears and about 10 minutes later same thing. So all our hard work to come right back out.
We got to spend all day today at the hospital with Grandma Caryn. Grandma fell last night and I got a lovely call at 2 in the morning saying she fell and think she broke her arm. well 5 hours later at the hospital(day time though )grandma has broken her arm in one place and fractured the rest. WAY TO GO GRANDMA!!!!!!
Caitlin behaved so well today and had everybody laughing and cooing at her. She even flirted quite a bit. I guess she is starting early. She really is a good baby. She smiles almost all the time and is always happy. she wakes up happy and goes to bed happy. why I think she is a happy camper!!!
We will have our follow up gastro appointment next week. I can't wait so I can see how much our peanut weighs. I actually had the nerve to ask one of the nurses if we could weigh her while we were waiting for grandma to get checked in . she weighed at 17lb 4 oz. I think it might be a little over but hey I'll take it!!!!
Our real weight will be when we do go to Gastro Apt because those scales have to be super accurate.
Well down below are some pictures of a rainbow. I walked outside real quick and there it was. It has been raining here all day so we got a surprise. And of course some more sleepy pictures. I think that is Daddy and Caitlin's favorite thing is to take naps together. Of course as Caitlin is very much a Daddy's girl.

Daddy and Caitlin sleeping(like always)
Caitlin just waking up from nap with Dad
The pretty rainbow right outside our house!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Dillon and Caitlin

Had to add this picture of Dillon and Caitlin because Dillon asked me where his picture was !!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Caitlin and Mia BFF

Look how pretty my God daughter is!!!!!!

Caitlin took pictures today with her best friend Mia

Monday, April 09, 2007

Caitlin loves asparagus!!! We are really starting to find things she enjoys eating. She seems like she eats so much better when we give her table food. She will still have trouble here and there with some foods but I think she is really getting used to it. She has been eating really good the last 4 days which has amazed us. And we haven't even been giving her the medicine we were trying her on to induce hunger. 2 reasons. 1 is Dillon decided he was going to help and got her up from her nap while daddy was sleeping and gave her medicine. Jesus woke up to it all over the floor,all over Caitlin and all over Caitlin's crib. We think she barely got any but we called the poison control just to make sure she would be OK and what to do. We just kept an eye on her but she was fine. OK so after the scare we didn't giver her the dosage that night. Well again the next night we still decided to give her a break and she has been eating really well so we haven't been giving it to her. We weren't really seeing a big change from the medicine so why give her an extra thing for nothing ya know ;)
We had a great Easter lots of Barbecuing and fun Easter egg hunts!!!Caitlin loved the Easter bunny. I thought she might get scarred but nope!!!!!

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Pictures with the Easter Bunny!!! I have one more but I have to figure out my scanner first.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Happy Pretend Birthday for Caitlin!!
Caitlin's actual due date was April 3 so she would have turned 1 years old!!!!
Can't believe we are in April already!!!We went for our Nephrology appointment on tuesday
and everything went well. We will do another U/S and blood work just to make sure everything is where it is suppose to be at. We had a different Dr and I just loved her. She gave me so much information and even said that normally when preemies get kidney stones and pass them that should be it. She said what normally causes them is when she was on her lasiks while she was in the NICU that adds calcium to the urine whihc can cause the kidney stones so while she was on her 2 medicines it was taking out the calcium to reduce build up and to disolve them. So I am pretty relieved to know that this could be it for the yuckky stones.!! Ok so we did get her weight though and she lost a couple ounces. She is 16 lbs 4 oz which is so little. I have been trying to add so much calories to everything she eats but I think this is just what it is. I totally forgot to post about her hospital evaluation!!!!!
Ok so for her hospital evaluation she was 16lbs 7 oz and 27 1/2 inches long. She was measuring really well.
I don't have the list in front of me but some of the things she was measuring at 15 mos and for her gross motor she was measuring at about 9 mos. But over all she is measuring way close and a bit over to her corrected age.(did you get that lol) Also they did say with her whole eating thing was probably just an amount issue. She can only handle so much food because her tummy is so small and really the only thing I can do is just increase her calorie intake but then again I have to be carefull because if i fatten it up with all these calories her tummy might not be able to handle it either because it would be so heavy. So it kind of is a no win situation and we just have to ride it out. An example of how many calories I am trying to give her is her bottle
For morning bottle and bedtime bottle she gets 2 1/2 scoops of formula for 4ounces of water then she gets 2 tablespoons of carnatation instant breakfast with 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. To top it off with a little more calories I also add about a tablespoon or just a bit over of whipping cream(in the carton)we whip it all together and walllaaa there is her bottle. Just alone in the tablespoon of whipping cream she gets about 50 calories but then she doesn't always finish her bottle. We add butter to alot of things and every now and then we try to add the duo cal (not her favorite thing)
Ok so I think that is it. she is starting to learn some of her signs(sign language) she is learning please and also she offcially knows how to say all done with signs. Her new favorite thing to do is nod her head no and she goes blugb blugb blugb with her tongue. I will have to record that soon so you can see her in action.
Our Walk is coming up in just a few more weeks. We just need a little bit more to reach our Goal. anything would help so much!!! Please help support us!!!!!

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